Who we are


BASF Antwerp strives for sustainable solutions for the future. We tackle our climate ambition and environmental themes in a sustainable way, as well as the safety, health and diversity of our employees, and our social commitment.


BASF Antwerp is fully committed to sustainability and circularity by:

  • Sustainable infrastructure for sustainable utilities (heat, water, electricity, CO2, industrial gases, …)
  • Maximum energy integration and energy efficiency
  • Use of 'Best Available Technology' for the efficient use of raw materials and to avoid emissions as much as possible
  • Maximum reuse of our material flows (products, waste materials, water, utilities, packaging, …)
  • We support the group's ChemCycling target (250,000 tons of recycled raw materials by 2025)
  • Sustainable purchasing
  • Sustainable Supply Chain management (such as the transport of our goods)

More information about circular economy


Every day is a “perfect” day for everyone, both in terms of safety and health of our employees and contractors via:


We co-create with our environment through:

  • Open dialogue with our neighbors (neighbor consultation (NL))
  • Social engagement (social initiatives (NL))
  • With respect for nature (Groot Buitenschoor via Natuurpunt)
  • We strengthen each other through collaboration (with knowledge institutions, entrepreneurial networks, Port of Antwerp & Bruges)
  • Transparent relationships with governments and NGOs
  • We are committed to sustainable mobility (bus, carpooling, bicycle lease, shared bicycles, electric cars) and the transport of our goods (modal split)