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Are you a service provider for BASF Antwerp? You can find information about loading instructions and other useful documents here.

Please click on the corresponding link as the instructions are different for BASF loadings and Ex Works loadings.

BASF truck loading

For loadings commissioned by BASF or one of the strategic partners on site (INEOS Styrolution, Eurochem, Solvin, Air Liquide, Solvay Chemie, Evides, Inovyn or Electrabel).

Barge loading/discharging

Registration system for barges that want to load or discharge cargoes at BASF Antwerp.

Corona measures

In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus COVID-19, BASF has implemented a number of measures. The authorities in the local area have also taken action. The following instructions apply to carriers:


  • Here you can find a complete summary of all access measures to gate 6, including all measures to prevent corona. 

  • As of July 1st 2021, the following rules regarding surgical mouth masks apply:
    •    Outside:
      • You no longer have to wear a surgical mouth mask outside, as long as a distance of 1,5m can be guaranteed.
      • You are obliged to carry a surgical mouth mask and wear it when a distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained. 
      • During turnarounds, shutdowns or in assembly areas the obligation to wear a surgical mouth mask may still be implemented outside, when a distance of 1.5m cannot be guaranteed on a structural basis. 
    • Inside: a surgical mouth mask must be worn in closed spaces, unless:
      • you are alone in the room
      • during eating/drinking in a refectory
      • you are driving a vehicle alone (also applicable for pool vehicles of BASF Antwerp).
  • Until June 30th 2021, the following rules regarding surgical mouth masks apply: Transporters must always wear a surgical mouth mask on the entire site. The mask needs to cover mouth and nose. The distance of 1.5 metres still needs to be maintained as well. Contractors must provide their own surgical mouth masks. Only exceptions on the obligation of wearing the mouth mask are:
    • when you are riding a bike
    • if your the only person in the room of your own workplace (i.e. your own office spot or working zone in central maintenance) 
    • in refectories when you are eating or drinking
    • During physical operations in open air, in maintenance working places, production installations and warehouses, everybody on site needs to carry the surgical mask with them and wear it when the distance of 1.5 metres cannot be guaranteed anymore.
    • During turnarounds (TAR's) everybody is obligated to wear the surgical mouth mask within the TAR zone, since in those areas it is more difficult to guarantee the distance of 1.5 metres. TAR zones and time zones will be determined and communicated by the TAR managers.
    • Wearing the surgical mouth mask is not obligated on the site when you are driving your own vehicle (so no pool vehicles), a lorry or crane without passengers. In all other cases, wearing the surgical mouth mask is obligated. 


  • Hygiene measures on the site: Maintaining a physical distance (at least 1.5 meters) is the most important and effective measure for combating the spread of the coronavirus. Wash your hands regularly, avoid physical contact, cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and avoid contact with persons who have any symptoms of airway infections. Apply “social distancing” strictly in all areas (meeting rooms, break areas, offices, permit offices, information desks, smoking shelters, etc.). Make sure you spread out your (lunch) break times, or eat at your own workplace, if possible. Talk to others, if in any doubt.
  • Color coding: The Belgian government has recently introduced a system of dynamic color coding for geographical areas, as indicated on the website This color coding determines what specific measures such as mandatory corona testing and self-isolation by travelers should or can be undertaken. This color coding applies to non-essential movements, such as for Belgians returning from holidays from these countries. It also applies to persons residing in these areas and coming to Belgium for non-essential movements. The color coding does not apply for essential movements, such as transports. It is possible that your employees who come back from a red or orange zone area to carry out work on our site. They are subject to the same measures as our own BASF employees:
    • Persons coming from a red zone area are only admitted to our site if they have undergone a corona test and have been in self-isolation for 2 weeks, even in the case of a negative test. The quarantine period can be shortened after a second negative corona test.
    • People coming from an orange zone area are strongly recommended to undergo a corona test before starting work on our site. If we have a positive test, we ask to go into quarantine. In case of a negative test (or up to a second negative test) we ask to wear a mouth mask permanently at work for 14 days. 
  • Social distancing when announcing yourself: When collecting the necessary documents at the registration building, the rules concerning social distancing always apply. To maximize the efficiency of the process, we kindly remind you about the rules on loading on our site


  • We continue to expect behavior in accordance with the Supplier Code of Conduct. In this code, contractors and subcontractors committ themselves to act in a sustainable manner both inside and outside the BASF Antwerp site, and to comply at any time with the applicable laws en ESG standards (Environmental, Social and Governmental standards).
Nico Dhaenens
Expert Surface Distribution - BASF Antwerpen

Safety Instructions

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