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Ex Works loading

Commercial agreements are made between the carrier and his customer. BASF is not responsible for any commercial topic between these parties.


  • To announce the pick-up of an EXW-shipment, carriers need to use the standardized form 
  • This form needs to be filled in completely. If correct, the red square on top in column C will turn green. If still red the carrier needs to provide missing info in the form
  • Carriers need to send this form to, this 2 working days before pick-up.
  • Only 1 form can be completed per shipment and only one form can be sent per mail. Multiple collections must be announced with separate mails.
  • The loading reference and, if applicable, a timeslot will be provided from this mail address towards the carriers
  • For troubleshooting and additional carrier support, the current point of contact will still be available as usual

Follow the directions to BASF Antwerpen (cfr. directions to BASF Antwerpen). The site has multiple entry gates: gate 6, gate 7, gate 14 and gate 15.  Make sure you enter the gate mentioned on the transport order.

Gate 6 is the main gate for outbound packed trucks and inbound trucks.
Gate 7 is used for technical materials.  
Gate 14 is only for dedicated flows.
Gate 15 is for BASF outbound bulk trucks.

The procedure below is applicable for gate 6 and 15.

Arrival at BASF Antwerpen (gate 6 and 15)

Park your truck at the parking lot in front of gate 6 or gate 15 and go to the check-in building (E970/E1239) near the parking lot. Please note that this parking is only for short term use during check-in. Long term parking or leaving vehicles behind without driver’s supervision is strictly forbidden.

Image: truck parking lot near gate 6 for short term parking
Image: entrance to check-in building E970
View gate 15.jpg

Image: around gate 15


All drivers for outbound shipments need to perform a self-service check-in at the terminals at our registration offices at Gate 6 or Gate 15.  Please find instructions below. 

In certain cases the driver will be asked to provide his mobile phone number during check-in (at Gate 15 only). This means that the loading station is relevant for call-off. In case of call-off, the driver will need to park at the call-off parking immediately after passing the weighbridge. Once the loading station is available, the driver will receive a text message on his cellphone to proceed towards the loading station.

BASF Instruction Self-Check-In PACKED
BASF Instruction Self-Check-In BULK


After check-in the driver will receive a physical check of their identity (ID card required), ADR license (if applicable) and PPE. These are safety shoes with antistatic soles (EN 345-S2 closed shoes without air holes, electro-statically conductive base, specifically for self-loading type S3) / closed clothing, long trousers and a coat or an overall / safety goggles with side-flaps & safety helmet. Depending on the properties of the chemical product, additional PPE can be prescribed.


During check-in there is a safety test integrated. In case the driver does not pass the safety test he/she has one second chance. Each driver needs to pass this safety test in order to be able to load at our site.

All safety information can be found in the safety video being shown at our registration office and in the safety instructions

Enter the loading site via gate 6 or 15

The driver can go to his truck and drive to gate 6 or 15 to enter the site. Bulk trucks proceed to the weighbridge (inbound + outbound) where the driver needs to scan the ‘laatvolgen’, this is the document he receives at check-in. This is not required for packed goods. The driver should leave the site via the same gate he entered.



The weighbridges are unmanned.

The drivers have to drive on the bridge (in front of the barrier) and get out of their truck. Then they have to scan the barcode at the top of the pink or white document they received at the check-in. The driver needs to wait until he receives new documents from the printer. The barrier will open automatically.

> Weighbridge manual (EN)
> Weighbridge manual (NL)
> Weighbridge manual (DE)


The driver needs to report him/herself at the loading/discharging station. The manhole lids should be closed before presenting the truck. Fall protection equipment is available near our gates. It is forbidden to close the manhole lids at our site without using fall protection.


After finishing loading/unloading, drivers who have to weigh their truck must go to the Weigh OUT- weighbridge. The same weighbridge procedure applies. A more extensive set of documents will be printed (CMR, …).


If the driver doesn’t need customs papers, he/she can go straight to the exit and leave the site. Drivers who need customs papers have to go back to the counter and ask for the papers there. It will be indicated on the paperwork if the driver needs to get customs documents. 

Leave the loading site

Hand in copy 1 of the CMR and the ‘Laatvolgen’, together with the map of the site at the exit. The driver is now ready to leave the BASF site. 

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