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Working as a (sub)contractor at BASF Antwerpen site? On this page you will find all necessary links and guidelines for a smooth collaboration.

The steps below will help you to easily register your employees or those of subcontractors before they start working on site.

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Step 1: Procurement Services

BASF Antwerpen Procurement Services prepares an order for the type of work that will be performed by the contractor.

Step 2: Site access

If your employees, or those of subcontractors, need access to the site, you must preannounce them online prior to the start of work.

Step 3: Safety instructions

On our site we have various safety instructions, such as the 'Life Saving Rules'. Anyone who enters the site must respect these rules.

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Step 4: Required documents

When registering at the reception desk of BASF Antwerp (gate 6), it is necessary to provide the following mandatory documents.

Step 5: Status site access

Check the status of your online preannouncement for access to the site and what actions, if any, you still need to take.

Step 6: Vehicle access permit

Do you want to enter the site by vehicle? Then apply for a vehicle access permit in time and check the procedure on how to enter and exit materials.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

With this, contractors commit to behave in a sustainable manner inside and outside BASF Antwerpen, and to comply with applicable laws and ESG* standards.

* Environment, Social and Governmental standards

General Terms & Conditions

You can find the General Terms and Conditions regarding BASF Antwerpen here.


Visit our site

The address and directions to our site can be found here, as well as more info for visitors.

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Communicationplatform for contractors

Via this protected platform, BASF Antwerpen provides important information to its active contractors or contractors that are involved in a tender.

You can login with the same username (= email address) and password as Pass@ge.

What is available on the platform:
  • Contacts
  • BASF IT tools (e-learning, manuals, etc)
  • Company Requirements & inventories
  • SCC obligation activity list
  • News for contractors

Questions or concerns? Please contact your Contractor Dispatcher*.

* If no Contractor Dispatcher assigned, contact your buyer / peter  / requester

 Privacy statement for contractors