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Are you a contractor for BASF Antwerpen? You can find the necessary documents and guidelines here.

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Corona measures

In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus COVID-19, BASF has implemented a number of measures. The authorities in the local area have also taken action. The following instructions apply to contractors:

  • From 4 May, contractors must have a surgical mouth-mask on them and wear it if the situation means that the distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained. Contractors must provide their own mouth-masks. Lorry drivers are advised to wear mouth-masks as a precautionary measure.
  • Hygiene measures on the site: Maintaining a physical distance (at least 1.5 meters) is the most important and effective measure for combating the spread of the coronavirus. Wash your hands regularly, avoid physical contact, cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and avoid contact with persons who have any symptoms of airway infections. Apply “social distancing” strictly in all areas (meeting rooms, break areas, offices, permit offices, information desks, smoking shelters, etc.). Make sure you spread out your (lunch) break times, or eat at your own workplace, if possible. Talk to others, if in any doubt.
  • Social distancing for internal/external transport: Incoming vehicles and transport buses from contractor companies must respect the following rules in order to abide by the measures regarding social distancing: (1) carpooling: maximum of 2 persons in the vehicle, who do not sit next to one another. In all cases a surgical mouth-mask is obligated; (2) transport buses: maximum of 4 persons in the bus, maximum of 1 person per seating-row, sit as far apart from one another as possible. In all cases a surgical mouth-mask is obligated. Both the authorities and BASF will conduct extra checks at the gates and in the local area in order to make sure the measures are being applied. If not, further measures will have to be taken regarding those violating the instructions.
  • Respect social distancing outside the BASF gates: Make sure, once you’ve checked out of the BASF gates, you maintain the separated seating pattern and adequate distance between persons. BASF is making a huge effort to apply suitable measures, so it is vital that contractors apply the safe social distancing patterns in buses and cars once they’ve left the site. The site security officers will keep an eye on this.
  • Social distancing when announcing yourself at the gate: Every operational employee that enters the site and is not in possession of a valid access badge, has to present him/herself at the reception of the BASF site. Because of social distancing measures the waiting time will be longer than normal. Additionally, there is a lower capacity for the mandatory safety test (introduction with video + questionnaire). We therefore request to have all contractor and subcontractor employees watch the safety introduction video on beforehand via this link.
  • Social distancing when operating: Contractors must provide a social distancing risk-analysis to their client before they will be permitted entry to the site.
  • Temperature scans prior to site access: Lorry drivers who wish to enter the site will first have their temperature taken. If their temperature is too high, access will be denied. It is important that everyone makes an effort to stay safe and healthy and not to jeopardise anybody else. From June 29th, there will be no more tempterature scans before entering the site.
  • We continue to expect behavior in accordance with the Supplier Code of Conduct. In this code, contractors and subcontractors committ themselves to act in a sustainable manner both inside and outside the BASF Antwerp site, and to comply at any time with the applicable laws en ESG standards (Environmental, Social and Governmental standards).


  • Individual VCA training certificates: Many SHE Contractor (VCA) training organisations are currently closed and this means that the validity of the VCA certificates for employees may have expired. Given the exceptional situation, we are applying temporary measures on the basis of guidelines from the scheme manager. (1) Employees who have not had an individual training certificate, may not carry out high-risk work. (2) The certificates of employees whose existing, individual VCA training certificate for “basic/full/high-risk tasks” expired after 16 March 2020, will be verbally accepted until 30 June 2020. This acceptance will be verbal because we cannot enter the provision/adjustments in the existing systems. (3) In the case of the VCA basic-full-certificates, site security will apply this temporary measure at the gate, if the situation should occur. 
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