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Are you a contractor for BASF Antwerpen? You can find the necessary documents and guidelines here.

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Mandatory use of mouth masks

  • As of May 23, 2022, wearing a mouth mask is no longer necessary on our site.
  • Strong attention to ventilation of indoor areas and respect of hygiene measures remain extremely important.


Corona testing

If the contractor employee feels symptoms for the first time at work, she/he can offer herself/himself for a rapid test at our medical service. If the rapid test turns out to be positive, the company doctor registers the test in the government database. The contractor-employee receives a test code and a PCR test is also taken immediately.


Isolation rules

Testing or quarantaine are no longer required after a high-risk contact.   

A contaminated contractor can resume work after isolation and has to be min. 3 days free of fever and other symptoms should have improved as well. We recommend being vigilant for at least 3 more days and respect the prevention measures. 


Legal requirements for contractors coming from outside Belgium

Employees of foreign contractor companies who are not registered in Belgium and come to Belgium for more than 48 hours to perform professional activities have the following legal requirements:

  • A Passenger Locator Form (PLF) is required (even if you are fully        vaccinated) and needs to be completed within 6 months prior to        arrival on Belgian territory;
  • A valid vaccination-, test- or recovery certificate;
  • If you arrive from a country of very high risk, the following test- and quarantaine rules apply:
    •     If country is outside of EU: 
      • PCR-test on day 1 and 7
      • 10 days of quarantaine (also for fully vaccinated persons)
    • If zone is within EU: 
      • PCR-test on day 1 and 7 in case you are not yet fully vaccinated. The test on day 1 is not necessary when you have been negatively tested (PCR) within 72h prior to arrival on Belgian territory.
      • no quarantaine for fully vaccinated persons; 10 days for all other persons.


Upon registration at the gate: Every operational employee that enters the site and is not in possession of a valid access badge, must present him/herself at the reception of the BASF site. We request to have all contractor and subcontractor employees watch the safety introduction video on beforehand via this link.


We continue to expect behavior in accordance with the Supplier Code of Conduct. In this code, contractors and subcontractors commit themselves to act in a sustainable manner both inside and outside the BASF Antwerp site, and to comply at any time with the applicable laws en ESG standards (Environmental, Social and Governmental standards).


Individual VCA training certificates: Many SHE Contractor (VCA) training organizations are currently closed and this means that the validity of the VCA certificates for employees may have expired. Given the exceptional situation, we are applying temporary measures based on the guidelines from the scheme manager.

  • Employees who have not had an individual training certificate, may not carry out high-risk work.
  • The certificates of employees whose existing, individual VCA training certificate for “basic/full/high-risk tasks” expired after 16 March 2020, will be verbally accepted until 30 June 2020. This acceptance will be verbal because we cannot enter the provision/adjustments in the existing systems.
  • In the case of the VCA basic-full-certificates, site security will apply this temporary measure at the gate, if the situation should occur.

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