BASF Antwerp

Preannouncement check app (PAcheck)

Through the preannouncement check app (PAcheck), it is possible to check, both by the employee and the Contractor Dispatchers, whether all the required documentation was upploaded before entering the site. The aim of this PAcheck app is to ensure a smooth entry at gate 6.  

There are several ways to log in to the PAcheck app:

  1. Via the link  PAcheck where you can enter the preannouncement number.

  2. Use the URL ( and personalize the link with the preannouncement number at the end.
    (e.g. where 123456 is the preannouncement number.)

    As a result, the preannouncement number is immediately entered correctly in the text box when the link is opened. This makes it much easier for a (sub)contractor employee to log in via e.g. his/her mobile phone.) 

The contractor employee who receives the preannouncement number or direct link from their contractor dispatcher...

  • can check whether all necessary documentation has been uploaded in Pass@ge
  • can check whether the access badge and safety test are still valid
  • can use the app to launch the instruction video in his/her language
  • can monitor the status of its preannouncement  
  • can enter the site this way in a quick and smooth way

The contractor dispatcher...

  • can request an overview of all his/her employees. Should anything be missing, he/she can immediately make the necessary adjustments

  • can easily check which documents the contractor employee must be able to present/upload: Limosa, A1, VCA certificate, ...  

  • can check via the app whether the safety instructions are still valid or whether the test needs to be taken again

  • can track the status of the last request for vehicle access permit with permanent driver. (Contractor dispatcher can apply for vehicle access permit via CarPer)  

Please note: The data for the PA check is updated hourly. As a result, changes in Pass@ge are visible in the PA check app with a delay.