BASF Antwerp


Online preannouncement of (Sub)Contractor employees to gain access to the BASF Antwerpen Site.

Pass@ge is an online tool in which contractors must preannounce their own employees or those of subcontractors in time (at least three working days in advance - see below). Necessary legal documents should be uploaded in this tool. Upon correct registration, the specified employee will subsequently receive an access badge and also, if necessary, IT rights can be requested for him/her.

At the start of the contract, Procurement Services BASF Antwerp will register at least two employees of a contractor in Pass@ge as 'Contractor Dispatchers' at least one week in advance. These are the people who will preannounce the employees of both main and subcontractors in the tool. They will receive a username and password for this from Procurement Services.

It is important that the Contractor Dispatcher notifies both their own employees, as well as the employees of subcontractors being deployed, in Pass@ge at least 3 working days in advance. For each preannouncement, a preannouncement number will be created in Pass@ge. Among other things, the employee must have this number available on the day they start to work at the BASF site (see Mandatory documents reception).

Pass@ge user guides, quick reference cards and list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be found in the system itself under the heading 'Preannouncement' - 'Help'.

To finally receive a personal access badge, employees must be preannounced online in time. Through the Preannouncement check app (PAcheck app), both the employee and the Contractor Dispatcher, can check whether or not all required documentation for entering the site has been uploaded. BASF Site Security will check the documents and preannouncement in Pass@ge at the reception desk. The employee must also watch the safety film on the Life Saving Rules beforehand in preparation for the safety test that will take place at the entrance of the site at Gate 6.  

If all necessary documentation was provided, and the employee has passed the safety test, the employee will receive a personal access badge. New employees must be collected at the gate the first time by the person in charge.

For questions about Pass@ge or problems regarding preannouncemt, please contact the Pass@ge preannouncement service desk:

A user’s guide, quick reference card and a list of FAQs are available in Pass@ge under ‘Help’.