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Pass@ge is the online application that contractors can use to announce their own employees or those of their subcontractors ahead of time. Announcing employees correctly ahead of time makes access to the site on the day of the works much smoother.

Pass@ge is an online tool that enables you as the chief contractor to announce your employees and subcontractors online before the start of the works.

Pass@ge also enables you to upload in advance the legally required documents (such as the VCA/SCC and Limosa, where applicable). BASF then carries out the necessary checks.

On the basis of a correct announcement, an access badge can be issued and IT rights can be requested (where applicable). The access procedure on the day of the works is thus much quicker.

Announcing employees correctly is the contractor’s responsibility. Non-compliant announcements are charged when awarding subsequent projects.

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In order to gain access to Pass@ge, one or multiple employees per contractor company (two is advised) have to register as 'contractor dispatcher'. This registration is executed by the Procurement departement of BASF Antwerp. You can find the contact information on the right. After registration and activation, the employee gets a username and password to access Pass@ge. The contractor dispatcher enlists the employees of both the chief contractor and the subcontractors.

Pre-announcement should be made at least 3 days in advance, using the order number (see top right on page 1 of the order).

On the basis of a correct announcement, an access badge can be issued and IT rights can be requested (where applicable).

In the case of work subject to a VCA/SCC, it is important for you to upload a valid VCA/SCC certificate in Pass@ge, both for your own firm and for your partner firm.

Before the contractor’s employees can enter the site, they must pass the safety test. To do so, they must watch the safety instructions.

The safety instructions can be watched on site or online. If an employee has already watched the safety instructions online, he or she will only need to take the test on the day of the works. That speeds up the access procedure on the day of the works.

The safety instructions are available online in various languages.

The contractor is obligated to announce its employees in advance (= pre-announce) and provide them with a print-out of this announcement. The pre-announcement number (PA-number) is stated on the document.

Employees are pre-announced correctly if:

  1. the contractor’s or subcontractor’s employee has a fully completed file in Pass@ge
  2. all necessary documents have been uploaded in Pass@ge
  3. the employee has all necessary documents with him or her for verification purposes.

Be advised that no documents may be uploaded that are conflicting with BBPR regulations.

Employees who have been pre-announced correctly can follow the green arrows and will be assisted at the appointed reception.

Employees who do not have a pre-announcement number have to contact the contractor’s contact person to arrange correct announcement. Only after, the employee may follow the blue arrows to “trouble desk” for further support. The trouble desk will be opened after all correct pre-announced employees are dealt with. 

If you have any problems or questions regarding logging on to Pass@ge, please contact the Pass@ge pre-announcement service desk:

A user’s guide, quick reference card and a list of FAQs are available in Pass@ge under ‘Help’.

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