BASF Antwerp

Safety instructions

Safety is a top priority at the BASF Antwerpen site. Everyone who enters the site must abide by the safety rules.

At BASF Antwerpen following live saving rules apply.

  1. I never work under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Possessing or selling alcohol or drugs or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
  2. I never smoke outside of the designated smoking zone.
  3. I never enter a closed room without permission.
  4. I never work at heights without collective or personal protective equipment.
  5. I never work without a valid work permit.
  6. I never ignore a critical safety feature. I never remove a safety feature without permission.

Anyone who wants to work as an on-site contractor must first read the safety introduction and pass a safety test. You can view the safety introduction on site when you register or online. You can find it here in various languages.