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Chemistry enables sufficient food

In 2050, nearly ten billion people will live on Earth. While the world’s population and its demands continue growing, the planet’s resources are finite. The United Nations (U.N.) predicts that by 2050, mankind will need to increase food production by 70% to feed the world.

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Food is Life

Providing food for a growing world population is agriculture’s greatest challenge. To rise to this challenge, farmers and growers need new technologies and new solutions.

Every man, woman, and child must have access to healthy, nutritious food, both now and in the future. This is essential for everyone’s quality of life. To ensure that agriculture can satisfy both today’s and tomorrow’s needs for food and fulfil the requirements of future generations, we need to tap the full potential of the world’s knowledge.

Working together to overcome challenges and find new solutions is one of BASF’s greatest strengths, and it’s something we’ve been doing in agriculture for over 100 years. Our employees are in constant contact with farmers and agricultural experts in every region across the globe. They work hard to understand what approaches are required to optimize agricultural production, increase farm profitability, and improve the quality of life for the world’s growing population.

BASF has a long heritage of being a reliable partner to farmers and growers. Our goal is to help farmers and growers prosper with innovative and sustainable solutions, not only today but into the future.

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Innovation for Successful Agriculture

Good, high-quality harvests are crucial for farmers to enjoy a prosperous season. Our products help them achieve this.

BASF is one of the world’s leading crop protection research companies. Every year, we invest in the research and development of new products and solutions that help farmers be successful. Modern fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, seed treatments, and pest control products form the core of our crop protection division. In addition, we also provide biological crop protection products and solutions for improving plant health, as well as innovations to improve nutrient management in the soil. We help farmers protect their crops against plant diseases, weeds, insects, and rodents, and to reduce nitrogen loss when applying fertilizer.

For over 100 years, BASF has been committed to supporting farmers and growers with new technologies so they can achieve high yields sustainably—even on limited acreage. We know there is much to do in sustainable agriculture, and we will move forward together – with and for farmers. Because we believe farming is the biggest job on Earth.

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