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Chemistry protects our cars from damages and makes them colorful

The number of cars on our streets is growing constantly. By 2020, there were approximately 1.2 billion cars on the road worldwide, an increase of nearly 300 million compared to 2012. Already today, mobility is facing new challenges: global population growth, rising standards of living in emerging markets, increasing urbanization, climate change and the limited availability of fossil fuels require new concepts regarding sustainability and energy efficiency.

As the world’s leading automotive supplier in the chemical industry, BASF can help automakers address these global automotive trends. From automotive colors to steering wheels, coatings, seats, bumpers, grille opening reinforcements, instrument panels, roof linings and frames, catalytic converters, suspension components, cable sheathing, headrests, gearshift knobs, door coverings… and even the oil and gasoline. BASF chemistry is found in many components and functions within a vehicle.
The concept car Hyundai RN30 is being assembled. It combines chemistry-driven key solutions with purposeful aerodynamic design and specialized high-performance technologies. BASF contributes significantly to the concept with lightweight plastics, endless possibilities in design as well as durable and eco-friendly materials.

Automotive colors

Color. It’s more than paint. It’s personality – and vehicle owners know when it’s not right. BASF refinish paint brands offer intelligent solutions based on innovative products and services that will drive customer satisfaction. Our products are the finest in the market for body shops, restoration facilities, custom builders and commercial transportation. BASF offers systems that suit every budget and need.

Car damage caused by stone chipping is a thing of the past. The new Basonol PU- platform ensures that primers and base coats used for automobiles have better adhesion qualities and feature a smoother look

Applications for Exterior

BASF helps create modern and durable car exteriors that meet both design and functionality requirements. From long-lasting coatings to plastics that enable lighter-weight materials, BASF's innovations improve the looks and quality of today's and future cars.

Sophisticated protection

BASF’s glazing products exhibit first-class mechanical characteristics, easy paintability, high temperature resistance and UV stability, so glass does not yellow and frames of sliding roofs are well maintained.

Frames made of our materials are stylishly thin and slide easily. Our solutions are temperature resistant and UV-stable to keep the frame of sliding roofs in good shape even when exposed to sun, rain or snow.

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Keeping the shine

BASF offers a wide portfolio of innovative technologies and solutions for all four coating layers – from the e-coat to the primer, the basecoat, and the clearcoat. These technologies ensure the paint is resistant to the year-long high stresses caused by rain, UV radiation, hot and cold temperatures, gravel from the road, and the brushes at the car wash.

BASF’s innovative e-coats are the leading technology for automotive corrosion protection providing excellent material properties.

BASF also develops innovative clearcoats. The extremely tough clearcoats set new standards in scratch resistance. They reduce the creation of annoying microscratches, like those that can come about at the car wash.

BASF also develops and markets automotive aftermarket products for a comprehensive portfolio of coating solutions. The automotive refinish coatings are approved by most of the leading automotive manufacturers and are used in their authorized bodyshops.



Automotive Solutions

Applications for exterior