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BASF in Bahrain

BASF in Bahrain


BASF is a leading supplier, manufacturer, and innovation partner of plastic additives. BASF Plastic Additives Middle East (PAME) is part of the global plastic additives production network.

Since December 12, 2012, PAME has been providing customer specific antioxidant blends (CSB) from its state-of-the art production plant at Bahrain International Investment. Park (BIIP) to the Middle East’s fast-growing polymer industry and the rest of the world.

BASF PAME’s comprehensive and innovative product portfolio includes stabilizers which provide ease in processing, heat and light resistance to a variety of polymers and applications including molded articles, films, fibers, sheets and extruded profiles. The site is one of the largest of its kind and provides first-class quality for our customers.

BASF Plastic Additives Middle East W.L.L.

Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP)
Al Hidd, Kingdom of Bahrain
+973 17 585 252