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About Bahrain

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BASF works closely with Bahrain’s government to explore opportunities to enhance Bahrain’s business environment and create opportunities for economic diversification. 

In this interview, BASF PAME’s Managing Director Michael Wille discusses how Bahrain’s open and supportive business environment helps BASF PAME flourish.

Why did BASF choose Bahrain for its production site for customer specific antioxidant blends?

Our investment in Bahrain demonstrates our steadfast commitment to support the growing polymer industries in the Middle East. We choose Bahrain specifically because of its ownership laws and operating costs and because of Bahrain’s strategic location in the Gulf region. Bahrain offers particularly favorable access to Saudi Arabia, the Middle East single largest market and economy. It offers a nice lifestyle and conducive business environment.

How has BASF been working with the Economic Development Board (EDB) Bahrain and other government institutions?

Operating from Bahrain is quick and straightforward. We are very grateful to call Bahrain our home and have received outstanding support from the Bahraini government. Notably the EDB has been a very good partner to us and helps us to smooth out any regulatory or supply chain challenges. The same can be said for Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP), one of the country's prime industrial zones, in which we are based.

What talent and human capital did you find in Bahrain?

From a human capital point of view, we’re also very satisfied with Bahrain as our home. More than 80% of our workforce consists of Bahraini nationals, both in operations and administration. The population is young, well-educated, and almost everyone speaks English. Schools and universities are excellent, and we all benefit from the continuous investment the Bahraini government makes in the education and training of its people.

What’s it like to live in Bahrain?

My family and I are incredibly happy to live in Bahrain. It’s the right mix of international and local and people are very friendly and welcoming. Manama is a modern city, which offers everything you need, right between Europe and Asia.