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Man wearing a stethoscope smiling at the camera

The Corporate Health Management Department offers interesting perspectives for postgraduate medical specialization.

The following specialties are currently available as accredited possibilities in professional development:

  • Occupational Medicine 36 months
  • General Medicine 18 months (based on WBO 1999)
  • Internal Medicine 12 months (based on WBO 1996)
  • Internal Medicine and Occupational Medicine - Module patient care directly 12 months (based on WBO 2006)


Our team comprises the following professionals:

  • Physicians, medical specialists in occupational medicine
  • Physicians, medical specialists in human toxicology
  • Physicians training in occupational medicine
  • Graduate chemist
  • Chemistry laboratory assistants
  • Nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Medical technology assistant / radiology technician
  • Masseurs / physiotherapists
  • Graduate computer scientists in medicine
  • Graduate in Business Administration
  • Business clerks


Current vacancies

Current vacancies can be found on the career pages of BASF.