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BASF Canada History

Almost 60 years ago, BASF headquarters in Germany established Consolidated Dyestuffs and Chemicals in Canada to act as the Canadian agent for BASF and 17 years later, BASF Canada Ltd became BASF Canada Inc. Since 1984, BASF Canada Inc. has been an active member of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada, committing itself to operating in accordance with Responsible Care®, successfully completing verification in 1999 and re-verification in 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2013. Through science and innovation, BASF Canada remains committed to creating chemistry for a sustainable future
Modest beginnings: BASF in 1866


The birth of the chemical industry and the era of dyes
The first shipment of methanol leaves the Leuna site on September 26, 1923.


The Haber-Bosch process and the era of fertilizers 
Rhine front of the southern plant section of the Ludwigshafen site, around 1955


A fresh start, and the dawn of the era of plastics

BASF Global History

Discover a company history which shows how chemistry enables new ideas and solutions.
For more than 150 years – from 1865 until today.