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Eva Musso


As BASF Canada’s Head of Sustainability and Government Relations and a member of BASF’s Canadian Leadership Team, Eva Musso is responsible for designing and executing our sustainability strategy to help us achieve our ambitious targets, as well as for creating and implementing BASF Canada’s long-term government relations strategy for legislative and regulatory topics and advocate for BASF's business interest at the municipal, provincial, and federal level. Moreover, she serves as BASF Canada’s representative at multi-stakeholder sustainability and advocacy oriented technical groups, committees, and consortiums and drive key business partnerships with key partners, associations, customers and other public and private stakeholders.

Prior to joining BASF, Eva has worked for Ontario Public Service (OPS), where she served in various ministries, including Environment, Transportation and most recently Economic Development, working on policies and programs related to environment and climate change, low carbon economy and entrepreneurship. Musso developed and led an award-winning sustainability program at the OPS, and she has worked closely with businesses both inside and outside of her government roles to help them with their sustainability plans.
Eva Musso holds a MA in Geography with a specialization in Environmental Health from University of Toronto and a Bachelors in Environmental Studies from York University.