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Bullfrog Power

Old Railroad Stop building Hiawatha, Ontario

In 2018, BASF Canada proudly announced its new partnership with Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading renewable energy provider. Through this partnership, we have not only significantly reduced our carbon footprint - saving 6,185 tonnes in carbon emissions since 2018 - we have also been part of Bullfrog’s support of community-owned renewable energy projects across Canada. This included a project in the Hiawatha First Nation, where BASF partnered with Bullfrog Power to support a 22 kilowatt solar array on the community’s Old Railroad Stop building, generating $154,000 in community energy savings over 25 years.


This year, BASF Canada has updated our renewable energy purchase from Bullfrog Power to further enhance its impact. By allocating our renewable electricity purchase to BASF facilities located in provinces with the most carbon-intensive energy grids, we are ensuring that our commitment to renewable energy has an even greater impact, and we are reducing our emissions by over 50%.


In addition, we will be adding a Bullfrog Power renewable energy component to BASF Canada’s “Sustainability Customer Awards Program” which will see BASF Canada bullfrogpowering a customer’s site for 1 year, as part of the award recognition. 

We’re proud to announce that BASF Canada’s current bullfrogpowered locations are:

  • Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Lethbridge, Alberta
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Blackie, Alberta
  • Agricultural Research farms