Inspiring new thoughts in chemistry

For many years BASF has been committed to supporting the scientific research in China. We encourage young scholars to make breakthroughs and innovations in their own fields, aiming to create chemistry for a sustainable future, and make a better world with Chemistry.

BASF has been involved in over 200 bi- or multi-lateral scientific research programs with Chinese colleges and research institutes, covering extensive sectors including advanced materials, nano- technology, organic compounding, industrial catalysts, industrial bio-technology, plant bio-technology and chemical engineering. Over 50 papers have been published on distinguished journals. These collaborations not only help BASF to extend the width and depth of R&D, but also enable scientists to get familiar with market trends and challenges while solving scientific problems.

In addition to scientific cooperation, BASF also supports the scientific development of China through hosting, co-hosting and sponsoring local and international conferences. For instance, in 2013 BASF and Chinese Academy of Science jointly hosted CAS – BASF FormulAsia 2013 to discuss about the application of Nano structural materials and formulating technologies in electronic and energy fields, aiming to promote the commercialization of research findings.

Meanwhile, BASF also provides young scientists with opportunities to catch up with the latest industry trends. So far nearly 30 young scientists from China have participated the annual “BASF Insights” event in Ludwigshafen, Germany, headquarters of BASF SE. They were also able to exchange ideas and address industrial challenges with both BASF scientists and external experts from all over the world. Besides, we collaborated with Chinese Chemical Society and set up the Youth Innovation Prize in 2001 to recognize and encourage outstanding young scientists in their innovative research. So far, 24 distinguished young scientists have been awarded.

As a corporate citizen, we also find ourselves responsible for the nurturing and development of innovative talents with universities. We not only support outstanding students with scholarship, but also provide internships and many kinds of courses to help them understand innovations in the chemical industry, as well as the principles of Responsible Care and sustainability. For instance, 35 PhDs from universities and research institutes in Greater China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, were invited to BASF Research Forum Asia Pacific & the Third BASF Excellent PhD Prize to connect with BASF scientists, experience global economic and technical challenges and learn innovative expertise and experiences.

Innovation enables future development. As the leading chemical company, BASF is committed to driving innovative solutions with considerable investment in research and development. Meanwhile, we will continue to support young chemists in their innovative research and deepen our cooperation with the scientific community in China to create chemistry for a sustainable future.

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