China (Mainland)

Resources, environment and climate


Challenges and opportunities for China’s automotive market

Facing a changing market environment, how will China’s automotive manufacturers address the transformation? What solutions can BASF provide?

Innovative catalyst technologies for cleaner air

With its Innovative catalyst technologies, BASF helps Weichai cope with the most stringent emission control regulations, improve product capabilities and achieve greater business success.

BASF in cars

BASF is the leading chemical supplier to the automotive industry. This graphic provides additional information on which BASF products are used in cars and how they perform.

Colorful cars start from green

As one of the leading automotive coatings suppliers in the world, BASF is actively exploring eco-friendly automotive coatings, coating processes and solutions, helping car manufacturers tackle the severe challenges of balancing economic effectiveness and ecological efficiency.

Sustainable materials for innovative buildings

The second phase of the BASF Innovation Campus Asia Pacific (Shanghai) adopts a series of cutting-edge construction materials and solutions by BASF, which greatly reduces its energy consumption and carbon emission.

Future of sustainable construction

Against the challenges of the growing population and resource scarcity, what is the ideal living environment for urban dwellers? What are the development opportunities of sustainable constructions in China?

Towards the “passive” era

Passive house, as a model of energy efficient buildings, has been introduced to China. Will it lead the Chinese construction industry towards a new era?

“Cool” buildings around the world

Buildings reducing energy consumption and minimizing pollution have emerged all around the world.


From trash to treasure

BASF offers an entire system solution where the supply and waste management of organic waste can be effectively controlled to produce high-quality compost that will enrich soils.

Healthy living with BASF

Whether it’s a comfortable sofa or clean drinking water, many things that make living more healthy and congenial contain BASF products.