Healthy Living with BASF

Whether it’s a comfortable sofa or clean drinking water, many things that make living more healthy and congenial contain BASF products. Let’s find them out!

This engineering plastic is characterized by high strength and good resilience properties in hinges and drawer slides.

These plastics combine the technical properties that are typical of polyamides with a refined appearance.


This wood preservation product effectively protects against destruction by fungi and insects.


This synthetic tanning agent makes leather softer and tighter-grained and lends it more opulence.

In the leather-treating process, this finish improves the appearance of the surface and prevents wear.


This expandable polystyrene granulate contains graphite and is used in various insulating materials.

This melamine resin foam improves room acoustics with its excellent sound absorption properties.


This seamless polyurethane floor unites hygiene, walking comfort and aesthetics.


This product adheres various components in the production of lightweight building boards.

Thanks to its high elasticity, this mould flexible foam guarantees relaxing sitting and reclining comfort for upholstered furniture.


In hardness grades from super-soft to viscoelastic, this mould flexible foam enables both comfort and attractive design.


This integrated solution for insulation and waterproofing not only offers an energy-efficient and comfortable indoor environment, but also improves weather resistance of the buildings.


This zero VOC, formaldehyde-free interior water-based coating is mildew- proofing and scrub resistant, offering a healthier indoor living environment.


With this novel solution which creates an open-pore and high-strength surface, paths and roads stay dry, firm and clean.


This new solution is a high strength but lightweight reinforcement for thermally insulated PVC window profiles that reduces heat transfer through the window profile.


The small pores of the membranes can filter out viruses, bacteria and other materials from water, providing complete disinfected water, without using any chemicals.


This non-phthalate plasticizer is especially developed for applications with close human contact because of its excellent toxicological profiles.


This polymer for textile application offers fabric with super-soft touch, down-proof effect and realizes a stretch fabric made from 100% nylon.


This high amino end group polyamide brings textiles with deep dye shade and outstanding color fastness.

It provides gas and aroma barrier properties for applications like coextruded films, offering a combination of barrier and mechanical properties for the packaging and food industry.


The system provides waterproof and protective sealing membranes for roof gardens, contributing to a longer service life and less maintenance needs for a building.


This solution enables the creation of innovative textures on a range of substrates without impairing the air permeability of the material, helping to achieve soft and attractive surfaces.

This light-stabilizing additive filters UV light and protects against discoloration and loss of sheen on the coating and the wood substrate in outdoor environments.



Heading to the low-carbon era, China is continuously promoting energy efficient constructions. The optimization of energy utilization in buildings is a key topic, which is also contributed by the insulating windows.

Jointly with Dalian Shide Group, BASF introduced the new co-extrudable Ultradur® for the reinforcement of thermally insulated PVC window profiles in April. It is also the first Engineering Plastics innovation developed at BASF’s Innovation Campus in Shanghai.

Window profiles made with durable, lightweight and highly thermal insulating Ultradur® enables energy efficient construction and contributes to a reduction in energy required for heating and cooling of buildings. As such, it meets with increasingly stringent insulation requirements. Additionally, energy efficient construction directly translates to energy cost savings for consumers. This accordingly increases the value of buildings using such window profiles.

“The energy saving window profile co-developed with Shide is an important milestone of innovation developed in close cooperation with the local customers in China.”

Dr. Daqing Zheng, Senior Vice President, Business and Market Development, Greater China, BASF

Ucrete® hygienic floors provide ideal floor finishes for applications in the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It gives floors exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, extreme mechanical and thermal shock, providing a long-term, durable flooring solution, and is renowned as the world’s toughest industrial flooring.

BASF’s range of cementitious and resin- based precision grouts addresses the most demanding grouting requirements, which include high-flow, high-strength natural and metallic aggregate precision products for high load and complex structures.

It is a new generation of polyurethanes rigid foam systems for composite panels with improved fire-protection properties, enabling the construction of safe and energy-efficient industrial buildings.

Rheoplus® 410
This polycarboxylate superplasticizer ensures the workability of concrete while at the same time increases the final strength and durability after hardening.

BASF provides the products and services to maintenance and repairing concrete manufacturers, as well as to road and bridge constructors to improve the durability of concrete.

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