Dear readers,

I invite you to be encouraged, inspired and motivated! This 12th issue of Creating Chemistry portrays “doers” who are driving unconventional, but promising approaches to climate protection. Not all ideas will come to fruition, but I am convinced that we have to be bold and try out new things to resolutely counter climate change.


The first part of our cover story is all about opposing global warming, literally from the ground up – by protecting the soil, which is the third-largest carbon reservoir on our planet. Agriculture in particular holds a special responsibility here. William Pitts, a farmer from England, is a pioneer in this area. He applies methods like direct drilling and leaves his soil untilled. With success: Since he has reorganized his farming operations, the soil has stored much more carbon – with the same yield. We as an industry are also working on innovative solutions. Find out more about the BASF Carbon Farming Program, through which we want to contribute to climate neutral agriculture.


The second part of our cover story focuses on energy. Climate protection can only work if the world becomes independent of fossil fuels. One of the entrepreneurs we introduce here is Enoch Kofi Boadu, who founded a company in Ghana that generates energy from Biogas in an environment-friendly way. Like him, we at BASF are focusing on renewable energies

and new technologies. Heat pumps are one example of this. Can this technology also work on a large scale at a chemical company? All this and much more is examined within our magazine!


At BASF, we are actively working to shape a future that is worth living – with an innovative spirit, commitment, and passion. The challenges are huge, and the problems are omnipresent. Let us face them with courage and determination.


I wish you much inspiration as you discover this latest issue.