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Change for climate

It's people making the change for climate happen

Every small action moves us towards big change. That’s why everyone at BASF, no matter where they are or what they do, is making climate protection a priority. Alongside big projects like reducing CO2 emissions, wind and solar farms, electrification of our factories and helping customers reduce their carbon footprints, our employees are making personal changes to protect the climate too. It's this drive, and these brilliant people who are helping to fuel a much bigger transformation. We call them our "Change Makers".

BASF Changemaker Charlie helps protect the climate through his work.

Charlie: A second chance for change

What if you could turn your passion into a force for good? After a life-changing personal experience and a desire to use his work to protect the climate, Charlie embarked on a project to deliver water to parts of the world where it is scarce - using solar-powered drip irrigation. This transformative new system uses 40% less energy while supporting food security in communities that desperately need it.

BASF Changemaker Jingwen believes that collaboration is vital for climate protection.

Jingwen: Curiosity and collaboration

For Jingwen, the root of change is curiosity and working together. This is what led her into a lead innovation role at BASF. Inspired by brilliant minds in the chemical industry and academia, she works with scientists from universities and start-ups to affect positive change. She believes that science and collaboration are vital for climate protection.

The climate is changing and we're changing too – in ways that might surprise you …

More Change Maker stories from around the world

Alysée and BASF Kids’ Lab help children discover the world of science.

Alysée: The student becomes the teacher

Alysée has come a long way on her sustainability journey - by bike of course! She started by soaking up her sisters’ enthusiasm for sustainability, now she’s sharing her passion with the next generation. Because attitudes can change just like that. Voilà!

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BASF Changemaker Claire puts her passion for change to work.

Claire: Where science meets heart

What happens when you mix precision with passion? You get engineer Claire. In the home of Motown, she’s putting her soul into her climate action plans. From annual energy efficiency improvements at home to leading initiatives to reduce waste at work, Claire's efforts are hitting all the right notes.

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BASF Changemaker Hyunsuk takes climate protection at BASF into her own hands.

Hyunsuk: Step by step change

Hyunsuk is tackling climate protection one cup at a time. She spearheaded the switch to reusable cups at the BASF office in Seoul, taking the challenge in her stride. It’s no wonder, since she spends her weekends climbing mountains across Korea!  

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