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China (Mainland)

We help our customers

protect the environment and resources 

Our Industrial Solutions segment develops ingredients and additives for industrial applications such as polymer dispersions, pigments, resins, electronic materials, antioxidants and admixtures. We aim to help customers grow their business sustainably while protecting the environment and resources.

Pontoons for floating solar panel systems can last longer under intense sunlight, thanks to light stabilizers from BASF that prevent the degradation and discoloration of the polymer.

BASF light stabilizers increase lifespan of floating solar panel systems

Shanghai Qihua Water Photovoltaic Engineering Co., Ltd. in China is using Chimassorb® and Tinuvin® to make high density polyethylene (HDPE) mounting devices for floating solar panels.

Space agency partnership protects greenhouses and crops

Greenhouses around the world nurture and protect the crops that feed the world’s growing population. Just like people, greenhouses need protection from the sun’s intense UV rays. 
BASF’s Tinuvin® range of plastic additives help to increase the lifespan of oil spill barriers under intense sunlight, thereby reducing resource consumption and maintenance costs caused by the aging of the product.

BASF light stabilizers protect oil spill barriers from degradation by intense sunlight

Marine oil spill barriers, also known as oil containment booms, can  last longer and keep oil spills under control even under intense sunlight, thanks to light stabilizers from BASF. 
BASF’s plastic additives package, comprising a light stabilizer from the Tinuvin® range and an antioxidant from the Irgastab® range, helps to protect the roof at Incheon Airport’s Terminal 2 from wear and resulting from extreme heat and light exposure.

The power of chemistry at work on Incheon airport’s roof

When you’re running a busy airport, the last thing you want is a leaky roof.  BASF and Wonpoong Corporation teamed up to create roofing membranes which would withstand extreme weather conditions without disrupting Incheon’s schedule. 
BASF’s Tinuvin® NOR 371 light stabilizer extends the useful life of greenhouse film by withstanding the effects of weathering for at least three to four years. This reduces cost for the growers and waste for the environment.

BASF’s light stabilizer for greenhouse films helps Vietnam farmers increase crop yields, reduce waste

BASF and Tân Hùng Cơ Masterbatch Manufacture Co. are working to help farmers increase their yields and save resources with more durable greenhouse films. 
BASF’s plastic additive Tinuvin® 360 enables outdoor 5G base stations to withstand weathering and degradation by intense sunlight, thus maintaining stable service with extended life span.

BASF’s plastic additive shields 5G base stations from UV light

Shenzhen Xingshengdi New Materials Co., Ltd, has used BASF’s plastic additives to produce 5G base stations for major international telecommunications companies.

Architectural coatings help keep Japan’s building exteriors durable and attractive

KIKUSUI Japan uses BASF’s customized dispersion to produce water-based coatings to protect against harmful UV rays for maintaining an attractive appearance for exterior walls.