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通过本网站收集您的个人信息的目的是:(i) 允许您搜索您感兴趣的职位,并评估和分析您是否适合受雇于巴斯夫集团某公司;(ii) 评估您是否适合日后可能出现的在巴斯夫集团下属公司的其他空缺职位。


As a part of the application handling process, your information may be used for checking your profile for the specific position of your interest and for other job openings in BASF by business managers, human resources managers and/or support staff.

By registering your profile on the BASF Asia Pacific jobs portal, you consent to our contacting you in writing and/or by phone and informing you as a part of our recruiting, or as part of our talent management programs.

Your personal information held by BASF will be kept confidential, but may be transferred to the following parties, which may be located locally or overseas, for the purposes set out in this statement:

a) BASF’s parent and affiliated companies.

b) agents, contractors or third-party service providers under a duty of confidentiality to us who provide administrative, telecommunications, data processing or recruitment services to us.

We refer to our general data privacy principles here. Should adjustments of our data privacy declaration be necessary for legal reasons, we reserve the right to effect such amendments at any time.

Your data is managed and maintained by our e-recruitment service provider. We shall endeavour to implement reasonable security arrangements, and require any third parties including our e-recruitment service provider to implement similar security arrangements, to protect your data from unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, modification, disposal or similar risks. For further information about our e-recruitment service provider's privacy obligations, please refer to their own Privacy Statement on their website here.

We will store your data as long as necessary for the purposes set out in this statement, provided that no legal requirements exist to the contrary.

You may, at any time, access, update and delete the data you have made available in your online portal. You may alternatively correct, update or delete your data by contacting our HR manager via email (indicate the country / location of the position you are applying, or your current country / location on the email subject. Example: Inquiry of my job application status (India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, etc)). The responsibility for this data being faithful and factual lies exclusively with you.

You have the right to withdraw the consent to the use of your personal data at any time, with effect as of that withdrawal date. To do so, you may delete your profile (including all personal data) in the online portal.  Alternatively, please send us an email (indicate your current country / location with your details, with the subject line "unregister" (India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, etc). Please note that notwithstanding the withdrawal of your consent, the Company may still proceed to process your Personal Data in circumstances recognized and permitted by law.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the BASF data protection representative, who will be pleased to help you. The continuous development of the Internet makes it necessary for us to adjust our data protection rules from time to time. We reserve the right to implement appropriate changes at any time.

BASF Data Protection Officer: 
Alexandra Haug
67056 Ludwigshafen
Tel.: +49 (0) 621 60-0

BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Limited (“BASF”) and its parent and affiliated companies (collectively “BASF group”).