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As a logistics expert at BASF you have networks across Europe.


Support us with complex solutions and your expertise.

To ensure BASF's sustainable success in the global market, every day we have to make and implement countless business decisions - especially when it comes to logistics. On-time delivery, quality, and security are the key factors for our business.

When supplying raw materials and providing technical supplies or during filling and internal transportation, you, as a member of our logistics team, are an important part in providing basic supplies to our production sites. With innovative solutions you support our customers when distributing their products and buying their raw materials.

During your degree you already gained experience in logistics and/or SCM and want to contribute this to an international company and be involved in designing the daily issues, processes and procedures in a European-wide logistics unit?

Are you always reliable in your work? Is quality and safety always your top priority? Are you customer-oriented? Can you negotiate in German and English?

If you can answer all of these questions with "yes", there is nothing stopping your career start at BASF.

Send your convincing application to our recruitment team today.

You have completed your degree in business, business engineering or business IT, ideally specializing in logistics/SCM.

Initial practical experience in logistics or SCM is an advantage.

Mutual trust as well as learning from and with each other is very important to us- so we need real team players. This is the only way to create the basis for professional, effective and efficient cooperation.

We offer you several entry options:

  • in Production Logistics, which supplies production organizations with chemicals and technical materials
  • in Rail & Site Services, which offers transport and other services for passengers and goods
  • in Warehousing and Technical Supply, which ensures the storage and transfer of products and supplies technical materials to the operations.

Ludwigshafen is the head office for central logistics functions. There are also deployment opportunities in most German and European locations. In Europe the BASF Group currently has 143 production sites.

Depending on your qualifications you will be supported by colleagues in the following task areas:

Production Logistics: The focus is on transport routes within the plant, from when the product enters to its storage in the warehouse.

Rail & Site Services: In rail logistics we offer logistics for the environmentally friendly rail transport method within the Ludwigshafen plant and for the BASF Group in Europe.

Warehousing and Technical Supply: Here, the highest priority is given to safety and quality.

We offer attractive general conditions and excellent development opportunities in an international company.

You will have different development options within logistics as a result of the variety of job profiles, both in horizontal and vertical terms.

Many continuing education measures such as seminars or "on-the-job" training will support you in your career.