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BASF UK Pensions

BASF UK Pensions

You can find information here about the BASF UK Group Pension Scheme for all members - including current employees (active members), former employees (deferred members) and those receiving a pension (pensioners).  Use the links below to navigate to the appropriate page.  New or existing employees looking to join the Scheme can find the forms they need towards the bottom of this page.

Do I have defined contribution (DC) benefits or a defined benefit (DB)?

Your annual benefit statement will confirm the details of your own benefits.  Some members have DC benefits, some have DB and some have both.  If you are unsure of your own benefits, please contact the Scheme Administrator, Buck on 0330 123 0647.

Buck (Scheme Administrators)
BASF, Buck (Bristol), PO Box 319, Mitcheldean, GL14 9BF