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Find out if BASF is the right employer for you!

What is it like to work for BASF?

We believe that the most honest way to answer this question is by asking our employees to share their experience about BASF with you. Check out what they say about us.

What does a workplace look like?

Around the globe, more than 100,000 people work for us in a wide range of different areas. Naturally, the workplaces we offer also differ a lot. Have a look around in 360-degree and get an insight into working at the world’s largest chemical company.

We are proud of our strong history of innovation, which has helped make us who we are today – the world's leading chemical company. Every day, our global team of over 100,000 individuals work together to turn visions for sustainable solutions into reality by connecting with one another and sharing their knowledge.

The right people are crucial for our sustainable success. We aim to form the best team by bringing together people with unique backgrounds, experiences, and points of view. Our differences make us stronger and more vibrant. In addition, an open, creative and supportive work environment inspires us to achieve exceptional results.

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