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Pupils at Lark Hill Primary School, Stockport enjoyed a week filled with experiences and experiments, supported by a team of volunteers from BASF plc.

Lark Hill Primary 03 2022 approved (1).jpg

BASF volunteers supported classroom activities and science investigation.


From 14 -18 March 2022, as part of British Science Week, pupils saw that science goes beyond just what happens in a laboratory – it is in everything that they touch, see and feel in their everyday lives. Highlights of the week included learning how drones are used to support crop production on farms, combining chemistry and chocolate to make their own mousse and an indoor planetarium.

Employees from BASF’s UK headquarters in Stockport supported the week of activities to stimulate an interest in science and foster curiosity and creativity.

Head Teacher, Stuart Kelly commented, “It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm of all the BASF volunteers. I’m so grateful for the dedication by each of the team and the work BASF has put into our school. It will have a long-lasting impact.”

STEM lead at Lark Hill Primary, Charlotte added, “The support of the BASF volunteers was very much appreciated by the staff and pupils and I loved hearing from parents how excited the children were with all the activities that were provided.”

One of the BASF volunteers, Vincent Hale commented on how proud he was of the team’s achievements. “This was our first local STEM activity since our headquarters moved to Stockport. We were delighted to be working with the teachers, pupils and parents at Lark Hill to give the children a memorable week that will inspire them to be inquisitive and better appreciate science. We want to ignite their imaginations and ultimately encourage them to study STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) at secondary school and beyond.”

Lark Hill Primary 03 2022 approved (5).jpg

Digging in the sand - what's beneath our feet?

Lark Hill Primary 03 2022 approved (7).jpg

Paul Healey, BASF STEM volunteer supporting building eggs into astronauts!

Lark Hill Primary 03 2022 approved (12).jpg

Seeds and beans - exploring crops and talking sustainability.


Published 3 May 2022

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