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We are delighted to announce that a team from BASF in collaboration with Pulpex Ltd has picked up the first SCI® Award for Innovation Enabled by Partnership.


SCI Awards 2023 Credit Andrew Lunn Photography

Scott Winston, CEO Pulpex Ltd; Vikki Callaghan, Packaging Project Manager, BASF plc; Tony Heslop, Senior Sustainability Manager, BASF plc win the first SCI Award for Innovation Enabled by Partnership.
Photography by SCI/Andrew Lunn Photography


The SCI® Award for Innovation Enabled by Partnership represents SCI’s core principle of ‘collaborating to foster innovation and to advance the commercial application of science into industry for the benefit of society’.

BASF and Pulpex worked together to develop the concept in close conjunction with its other corporate partners. The underlying mission was to develop a bottle that was renewable, biodegradable and recyclable through existing paper recycling schemes. The resulting fibre bottle is lightweight and offers brand owners a sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic and glass bottles.

BASF has a long tradition as a supplier of innovative solutions for the packaging industry and has an expert network of highly experienced technicians that support customers in product development and process optimisation.

Vikki Callaghan, Packaging Project Manager at BASF plc, commented, "We are helping to drive positive innovation in the packaging industry and are determined to help deliver sustainable packaging materials where we can, while ensuring the quality, safety and efficacy of our products. Working closely and openly with partners was vital for the success of this project. It really is a story of rapid innovation, custom formulated chemistry and international brand owner collaboration.”  

Tony Heslop, Senior Sustainability Manager, BASF plc joined Vikki to pick up the award. He commented, “To be a finalist along with the other remarkable projects was a real privilege, to win was an absolute honour.”

Scott Winston, CEO Pulpex Ltd was equally delighted to celebrate the success: "Alongside BASF and our other close collaborators, we continue to show the incredible power of partnership and how it can drive science and innovation forward at scale. Congratulations to all the winners!"

SCI Awards 2023 Tony Heslop Vikki Callaghan Scott Winston Pulpex.jpg

Tony Heslop, Vikki Callaghan, Scott Winston

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Published 17 May 2023