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R-M®, BASF’s premium refinish brand, presents its new waterborne basecoat paint system AGILIS®.

BY NATALIE WONG, Automotive Refinish Coatings

On the road to climate neutrality, BASF has led the way and set itself ambitious goals, striving worldwide to achieve net zero CO2 emissions1 by 2050.

Our premium refinish brand R-M now presents the fastest application process there is. The waterborne basecoat system AGILIS leads the industry with its short application, process, and flash-off times. Together with its perfect colour matching capabilities, the industry-leading pigment technology of AGILIS ensures incredible hiding power whilst offering extremely easy to use solutions for flawless finishes.

With environmental sustainability sitting at the heart of our vision, AGILIS will offer customers innovative, ready-made sustainable solutions, and is the first basecoat line on the market able to generate a staggeringly low VOC content at under 250 g/L, which is 40% below the current EU solvent limit. 

Gavin Townsend, Sales Manager UK & Ireland – BASF Automotive Refinish, says, “Producing far lower CO2 emissions than other paint systems, our R-M automotive refinish product portfolio will aim to inspire our customers to make ethically conscious and eco-friendly choices for their businesses.”

Our refinish paints contribute towards reducing CO2 emissions without compromising on quality, with AGILIS holding the highest eco-effectiveness ratio in the Automotive Coatings Industry, and leading the environmental change to improving our customer’s ecological footprint.

BASF is committed to meet the global challenges and growth of the automotive refinish industry. BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions offer high quality refinish paint brands and paint-related products for our customers and body shops from around the world. We focus on eco-effective waterborne and high-solids coatings with low solvent content. Our main key success factors include being a leader in product, colour and process innovations. A sophisticated global distribution network, comprehensive training programmes and global network of training centres ensure our customers have the latest access to our products and knowledge.


1 For more details on BASF's Climate Protection Goals click here

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Last Update 14 December 2021