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Everything’s coming up roses

Growing roses is becoming a lot more environmentally-friendly, thanks to a greenhouse plastic film that’s protected by BASF’s light stabilizer. 

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The future of hair care has arrived

Concerned about the effects of pollution and UV light on your hair? Worry no more! Protect your hair and scalp with this innovative anti-pollution hair care system just introduced by BASF.

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Fighting malnutrition in Pakistan

Malnutrition is a silent menace: it stunts children’s growth, makes them vulnerable to disease and can even cause blindness. BASF and its partners in Pakistan are working to fight malnutrition, with food fortification programs designed specifically to bolster child health.

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Protecting Strawberries in Western Australia – safely and sustainably

What’s the most sustainable way to protect a strawberry crop? According to the Yewers, who run Berry Sweet in Western Australia, the answer is biologicals from BASF.   

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BASF’s plastic additives package, comprising a light stabilizer from the Tinuvin® range and an antioxidant from the Irgastab® range, helps to protect the roof at Incheon Airport’s Terminal 2 from wear and resulting from extreme heat and light exposure.

The power of chemistry at work on Incheon airport’s roof

When you’re running a busy airport, the last thing you want is a leaky roof.  BASF and Wonpoong Corporation teamed up to create roofing membranes which would withstand extreme weather conditions without disrupting Incheon’s schedule. 

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BASF drives chemistry for climate innovation

Climate change is a threat to how we live – unless we can make smart changes first. That’s where BASF climate innovations come in. 

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Wrapped up in the icy expanses – how the right insulation makes a polar station habitable

A new Brazilian research station is being built in the Antarctic, where the temperature stays below zero even on “mild” days. In this extreme climate, thermal insulation is vital for survival. How can BASF’s insulation material, Elastopir®, help make the station a safe and comfortable working and living environment for 64 scientists?

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We’re looking up close at the future of health, and it’s personal

What is the best nutrition for you - not someone of your age or physique, but you? The answer lies in personalized nutrition: a set of recommendations based on your unique biomarkers to keep you at your healthiest.

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Creating mutual benefit through focused university collaboration 

The academic and corporate worlds share many of the same goals – and a clear structure can enhance the success of their cooperation. Through an agreement signed in 2018, BASF PETRONAS Chemicals and Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) are now collaborating in the areas of both knowledge-sharing and talent development.  

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Water treatment and paper chemicals plant in Nanjing, China

BASF’s new Verbund project in China

BASF is investigating a $10 billion Verbund project in the southern China province of Guangdong. Haryono Lim, Senior Vice President, Senior Project New Verbund Site China, recently provided insights – and a video – about the background and future of the project.

Dr. Andreas Kicherer und Dr. Stefan Gräter unterhalten sich über die verschiedenen Arten von Kunststoffabfällen und deren Recycling / Dr. Andreas Kicherer and Dr. Stefan Gräter talk about the different types of plastic waste and their recycling

Chemical recycling creates high-grade goods from plastic trash

This exciting BASF project is finding ways to recycle waste plastics that traditional mechanical recycling can’t manage. ChemCycling can transform even complex and contaminated plastics, and produce a wide variety of products from insulation panels to food-grade packaging. It’s hot work, but the benefits are clear!

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Tedera Lanza thriving thanks to BASF's new biological inoculant

New BASF biological solution contributes to farming efficiency across parts of Australia

When storms and droughts hit, people dash inside. Plants cannot. That leaves grazing animals, and the farmers that tend to them, in a bind. Thanks to a collaboration among the Australian Inoculant Research Group, Seednet and BASF, Tedera - a legume native to the Canary Islands – can now support herds on the hot, dry plains of Western Australia. 

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Driving towards cleaner air in India

India’s vibrant cities are often shrouded in smog. What’s the shortest route between today’s situation and a cleaner, brighter tomorrow?  A coordinated approach of stricter vehicle emissions standards and innovative technology – powered in part by BASF. 

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CAP in Yeosu Site (002).jpg

Putting the community at the heart of operations

Many people would look askance at having a chemical production facility set up in their neighborhood. BASF’s tradition of establishing Community Advisory Panels (CAPs) has helped local stakeholders learn about, engage with and grow to trust the world’s leading chemical company.

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Bringing Safe Drinking Water to Communities

Ironically, the world’s poorest people often pay the most for essential drinking water. A coalition convened by BASF set out to change that, in one neighborhood of Navi Mumbai. The result was Water ATMs: advanced ultrafiltration technology powering a social business model that is making safe water available to local residents. 

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Tanklager der BASF in Ludwigshafen

Investing to Make in India, sustainably 

The goal of Indian Prime Minister Modi’s “Make In India” initiative is to prompt organic growth and sustainable economic development. The goal of BASF’s new carbon-neutral growth initiative is to offer more innovations, without creating carbon pollution. The marriage of the two: a partnership between BASF and Adani to create a completely carbon neutral chemical production site in Mundra Port. Gujarat.

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BMW X1 -1.jpg

Why eco-cars don’t have to be green

We all want lower-emission cars. But did you know that the car manufacturing process is becoming more environmentally friendly too? BASF has been working to put "green" into cars of every kind and color. 

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Our firefighters are ready to be heroes - every day

Firefighters hope they never have to become heroes – but train as if they do. This type of training and professionalism is on display at BASF, which hosts Shanghai’s first fire brigade established by an international company. 

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Working together to end plastic waste

The fight against plastic waste can only be won if we work together. That’s why BASF is proud to be a co-founder of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste. BASF is committed to helping the Alliance minimize and manage plastic waste to make a lasting, positive impact on the environment, marine life and communities around the world.

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Tough on dirt but gentle on the environment: O’right

Taiwanese organic beauty care company o’right was looking for the right ingredients to make a rich but gentle shampoo. Not wanting to compromise on either quality or its commitment to all-natural products, it turned to the largest supplier of Cosmetic Organic Materials – BASF. 

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巴斯夫罗海德博士(Dr.Harald Lauke).jpg

Protect innovations in China

The establishment of a local IP team will provide necessary assurance to enable innovation in China.

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From Waste to Energy - with fewer Emissions

What is the most responsible way to handle hazardous waste? BASF experts in Nanjing, China built a system to convert waste from a chemical production process into energy, while drastically reducing the emissions to the air. The result? A more efficient process and a cleaner, safer neighborhood.

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Unival Easy  BASF_Sophisticated_Asian_v1.jpg

The development trends of sunscreen products in China

What is Chinese consumers' expectation on sunscreen products? How will sunscreen technology and formulation develop?

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starting ventures better environment.jpg

Cleaning up a dirty job: Better sanitation in Guangxi 

Cleaning environmental sanitation (waste disposal) sites in Du’an Yao Autonomous County, in Guangxi Province, China was a dirty job – until recently. Sanitation teams had only water to clean the site, which spread but did not neutralize potentially harmful bacteria. A BASF manager had an idea: why not create bespoke cleaning products and training in hygienic cleaning methods? The program is underway and the benefits are threefold: better hygiene, a healthier environment, and enhanced career prospects for the teams.

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city-traffic-from above.jpg

Performance materials: a magician changing the world

How does plastics arouse the passion in people? How can plastics change people's lives and begin an imaginative era?

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Cleaner indoor air – with a low carbon footprint, too

How do you make paint more sustainable? Replace fossil fuel-based components with renewable raw materials. Nippon Paint’s Infinte Air is the first interior paint in China to use BASF’s dispersions produced according to biomass balance approach. Certified sustainable plant oils or waste wood are transformed into high-performance dispersions. This innovative approach helps save fossil resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The result: cleaner indoor air and a low carbon footprint.   

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Polyamide-6 powder opens a new era in 3D Printing

BASF’s new polyamide-6 powder is a more economical, energy-saving and efficient solution for industrial design and product development.

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Helping passive house design reach great heights

With clever design and intelligent construction, it is possible to build homes that satisfy the needs of modern living without compromising energy efficiency.  BASF’s work on Passive House buildings in China is proof positive that we can cut back on heating and cooling without compromising on comfort - even in skyscrapers.

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Turning down the Heat: Capturing Carbon for a Cooler World

The world is getting warmer. While countries around the world have pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming, more must be done. The Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project in Hokkaido, Japan – the first carbon capture and storage plant near an urban area – selected BASF gas treatment technology to capture and secure carbon dioxide. It’s on its way to capturing a million tons of carbon dioxide – and is capturing minds and imaginations in the process.

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Using the cloud to improve forklift driver safety

A new system for BASF forklift drivers has reduced safety incidents by 21%. The underlying technology has brought a host of other benefits too including savings in cost and time.  

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NIO ES8 - full aluminum car body with BASF Oxsilan® thin film pretreatment, CathoGuard® 800 e-coat, waterborne primer, waterborne basecoat and a two component clear coat. / NIO ES8 - Vollständige Aluminiumkarosserie mit Oxsilan® Dünnfilm-Vorbehandlung, CathoGuard® 800 KTL, wasserbasiertem Primer, Wasserbasislack und einem Zweikomponenten-Klarlack von BASF.

Driving EVs towards bluer skies

How do you make electric vehicles more environmentally friendly? BASF’s global collaboration with EV manufacturer NIO developed innovative water-based coatings that help drive the environmental performance of EVs -- helping drive pollution out of our cities.  

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A 21st century factory: bespoke, modular and sustainable

Sometimes out-of-the-box thinking means redesigning the box. That was the case when BASF completed Its first bespoke modular production facility worldwide - a new anti-oxidants plant In Shanghai. Here's how It worked

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Reinforcing garment workers’ safety in Bangladesh

Every worker deserves a safe working environment. When a garment factory in Bangladesh needed urgent reinforcement, BASF teams from three countries worked together to help ensure the building -- and the people working there -- were properly secure. And they accomplished it without disrupting the 5,500 people who worked there. 

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Sustainable Procurement makes for Stronger Supply Chains

The Chinese Government has shut down an estimated 80,000 factories for environmental regulations. Chemical company BASF noticed that none of their direct suppliers were affected, and believe they know why: the rigorous sustainability standards that BASF and its suppliers commit to, together.  

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Sustainable coconut farming is transforming lives

A BASF partnership has helped make the world’s first sustainable coconut oil. The program trains smallholder coconut farmers in the Philippines and Indonesia in more efficient farming practices and how to work towards the new Rainforest Alliance certification. The extra income farmers earn after completing the program helps put better food and education within reach.

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Invisible innovations for the world’s longest bridge

The world’s longest sea crossing, linking Hong Kong, Macau, and the Chinese city of Zhuhai, is designed to look like three Chinese dragons. It’s also designed to last more than 120 years – thanks in part to invisible innovations from BASF.  

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It’s the (many) little things that count: Creating chemistry without Wasting Energy

Behind every achievement is a determined strategy – which includes getting a lot of details right. That was one of the lessons shared by the BASF South East Asia team, which won the top energy management award in Singapore in October.  

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Protecting India’s farmers

Farmers have a vital role to help feed India’s growing population. Through crop protection training programs and kits BASF is helping to make sure India’s farmers and their families and communities stay protected, while they work to grow the nation’s food supply.

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Space agency partnership protects greenhouses and crops

BASF scientists worked with NASA and the German space agency develop new tools that map UV radiation around the globe. The tools help make greenhouse film and other plastic stronger and longer lasting, according to local conditions. Protection from UV radiation means more robust greenhouses and more reliable local harvests -- anywhere in the world.

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Invisible innovation: healthier, more efficient LEDs

What’s better than a highly energy-efficient light bulb? An energy efficient light bulb that won’t hurt your eyes! The BASF team in Taiwan has re-invented the LED. The new Sunvue® lights shine brightly with less electricity than standard LED equivalents. Equally importantly, they protect eye health. Harmful blue light can strain the eyes, causing myopia and interfering with perception. Now there is a better choice. 

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Xerion’s technology allows for highly accurate readings of omega-3 index, empowering consumers to make informed choices on improving their omega-3 levels by increasing their intake through food or supplements.

A fingerprick that could save your life

Omega 3 is known as the heart-healthy fat: it helps prevent cardiovascular disease which claims more than 17 million lives worldwide every year. Yet too many people don’t get enough Omega-3 in their diets. And to check – use a PUFACoat Omega-3 test kit. A prick of the finger enables testing of an individual‘s Omega-3 level and once known there are recommendations on how to increase or maintain a healthy Omega-3 level. Chemistry is enabling personalised nutrition – helping millions lead healthier, longer lives.

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Students and community representatives enjoy water from the Water ATM.

Safe water and sanitation project in Navi Mumbai

Clean drinking water can be expensive for slum residents in India. Can we make rainwater drinkable at a very low cost? BASF’s Landmark Project is making it happen. This initiative creates an innovative social business model for local communities to harvest and purify rainwater using BASF’s technologies, and offer clean and affordable drinking water to the residents.

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Innovative catalyst technologies for cleaner air

With its Innovative catalyst technologies, BASF helps Weichai cope with the most stringent emission control regulations, improves the comprehensive product capabilities and achieve greater business success. 

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Ultra-light utility poles bring electricity back to snow-covered Anhui city within one day

Powering on – despite the storm

In January 2018, a severe storm knocked out almost 250 concrete utility poles in Anhui Province, China. With each pole weighing just 250kg – less than a quarter of the weight of a similar concrete pole, Anhui Huike Hengyuan Composite Material Company Limited (Huike) was able to quickly transport 40 Elastolit® utility poles to the site. Requiring less manpower and equipment than conventional poles, the flexible poles were installed in just 20 hours. Electricity was restored within one day – and has been on ever since. 

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Challenges and opportunities for China’s automotive market

Facing a changing market environment, how will China’s automotive manufacturers address the transformation? What solutions can BASF provide?

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Elastopave extra 2.jpg

Building Sustainable Communities with Water Permeable Paving Materials

Two independent studies conducted by NASA have confirmed that groundwater reserves are depleting all over the world, and which can trigger a global drought in the coming decades. BASF has developed an array of solutions that is mindful of the environment while supporting the rapid growth of urbanization.

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Lach mining site.jpg

Meet our 2018 GROW Graduate - Lachlan

Getting your first job or graduate placement after university is an exciting time, but can also feel like a big decision to choose the right fit and experiences for you. If a graduate program that provides exposure across a multinational business in a variety of roles sounds like it might be the opportunity you’ve been after, then BASF’s Graduate program could be for you. Our BASF ANZ 2018 GROW Graduate, Lachlan Hedges, shares his experience in choosing the right path for him.

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Memory Foam.jpg

Do you just sleep or are you well rested?

We spend a third of our day on bed. A comfortable bed set is imperative for a healthy, good night’s sleep. We all take time to check the comfort of the car we drive and the ergonomics of our office chair. But then, have we analysed the comfort, safety and quality of the bed and pillow we use?

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Collaborative innovation for personalized nutrition

BASF and By-Health collaborate to develop personalized nutrition solutions.

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Customer innovation a focus at new lab facilities

Local technical support and resources are crucial to helping our customers develop new and sustainable innovations in the paint and coatings industry. BASF was pleased recently to open a new laboratory and technical support centre for its local dispersions and resins business in Australia and New Zealand.

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A vegetarian source of omega-3 - Algal DHA

Did you know that fish is not the only source of Omega-3 fatty acids? Algal DHA is a pure, premium source and suitable for vegetarians.

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On the road to Mobility 4.0

The car industry is ready for the biggest revolution in automotive history and has been drawing closer to the IT industry for many years now.

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Sunscreen application beach.jpg

Debunking sunscreen myths part 5 – How much SPF are we really getting?

Another myth is to do with the application amount of sunscreen and value of SPF we enjoy from it. This myth has been spread often by ‘experts’, from which we often hear: ‘If you use a half the volume of SPF, then you actually only enjoy a square root of the SPF value.’ But is this the truth?

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Boosting India’s nutrition – the key lies in food fortification

Like iodised salt, staple foods like cooking oils fortified with essential micronutrients can help address nutrient deficiency in India.

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Innovative catalyst technologies for cleaner air

With its Innovative catalyst technologies, BASF helps Weichai cope with the most stringent emission control regulations, improves the comprehensive product capabilities and achieve greater business success.

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Debunking sunscreen myths part 4 – Effectiveness of photostable vs photo unstable UV filters

In June 2011, the American FDA standardized and regulated UVA protection for the first time. This concluded that the standard of broad spectrum UVA protection could be fixed at a critical wavelength greater than or equal to 370nm. But why did the FDA choose 370nm?

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Suraksha Humesha 16x9.jpg

Farmer’s safety – an important aspect in sustainable agriculture practices

Agriculture contributes 16-17% of India’s GDP and is the largest employer in India with 60-70% of its population directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture.

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Debunking sunscreen myths part 3 – Is SPF 30 only marginally better than SPF 15?

We often hear myths around sunscreen like: The protecting factor of SPF 15 is not double that of SPF 30, nor is SPF 60 twice as effective as SPF 30. The rationale behind this myth is that if SPF 30 can filter out 96.7% of UV rays, while SPF 60 can filter out 98.3%, the resulting difference is only 1.6%. Actually, this is looking at the situation in the wrong way!

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Micronutrients cover pic.jpg

Nutrition for a healthy nation - At the grass-root level, literally!

Plants derive their nutrition from the soil that they grow in, and this soil must be fortified periodically so as to provide the crop with the nourishment it needs to grow healthily. This nutrition is provided through ‘micronutrients’, which are important agents of plant growth.

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P28-3 Red 4-3.jpg

Safety always

BASF works together with logistic service providers, chemical manufacturers, industry associations and government to promote chemical transportation safety on the road.

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Debunking sunscreen myths part 2 - Physical UV filters only scatter and reflect UV rays?

Some people differentiate between soluble and insoluble sunscreen particles, grouping them into two types of UV filters, ‘physical’ and ‘chemical’ - but thinking about them in this way has led to many people misunderstanding how sunscreen really works to protect the skin.

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Social Engagement on Quality Education

BASF’s social engagement programs support projects having a lasting impact on society and offer learning opportunities for partners and itself.

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How sustainable farming in India can secure its food for the future

Food security is a pressing problem in India and in the world. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), it is estimated that over 190 million people go hungry every day in the country.

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Debunking sunscreen myths part 1 - UV radiation and sunburn

An abundance of information on the nature and damaging effects of ultra violet (UV) radiation from different sources has resulted in myths about suncare that are often passed off as facts. So through a series of articles, we’ll debunk five common misconceptions around sunscreen.

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POLE - 16X9.jpg

Uninterrupted power supply during natural disasters can be a reality

According to a UN report, natural disasters in the last decade have occurred almost twice as often compared to two decades ago, with Asia being the hardest hit. The report reveals that the number of such events had gone up 14% annually between 2005 and 2015 compared to the period 1995-2014.

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Healthy-food-heart-diet-concept-shutterstock_271251740-low res.jpg

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

A growth in sedentary lifestyles and high-fat diets has seen incidences of cardiovascular disease (CVD) increase. As a result, on average, someone now dies every 12 minutes in Australia from CVD. Taking a proactive stance against this and choosing food products fortified with plant sterols can significantly reduce the threat of heart disease, particularly for those most at risk.

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Insulate, Save and Sustain

Global warming has brought the focus on our need to be eco-sensitive and hence the former option is not a sustainable one. Builders, Architects and Service Consultants alike are constantly looking for ways to enhance energy-efficiency in buildings through sustainable construction.

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Mobile air conditioner to wear

Functional cooling textiles of core sports and occupational safety brands use a special superabsorber fleece from BASF.

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50 years of Scholarships for Australian-German Student Exchange

BASF is proud to support the 50th year of the scholarship that offers Australian students the chance to travel to Germany for 10 weeks.

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Revised Catalyst .jpg

Innovative catalyst technology puts an end to the hazardous vehicle emissions

According to a recent report by the World Health Organization, pollution ranks amongst the top in the list of global threats. BASF’s trailblazing innovation in catalyst technology is making the air we breathe cleaner and safer.

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HuangShan Mountain -high resolution .jpg

Composite utility poles: conquering the wind

Composite utility poles prevent a lack of electricity from severe weather forces.

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wasp feeding on beech honeydew.jpg

Wasps wiped out in game changing conservation program

The Wasp Wipeout community led conservation program, supported by BASF, achieved significant results in reducing the invasive wasp populations in the Nelson Bay, New Zealand, region.

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Making two-wheelers less polluting to combat air pollution in India

Two-wheelers are the lifeline of urban Asia, where they account for more than half of the vehicles owned in some countries. This trend is amply evident in India, where sales in the sub-category of mopeds alone rose 23% in 2016-17. In fact, one survey estimates that today one in every three Indian households owns a two-wheeler.

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Precision agriculture in the digital era

The internet is playing a key role in the transformation of industries. What new opportunities is the agriculture industry facing with in the digital era?

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Supporting women in STEM through SPRINT

In line with our ongoing support of STEM and in addition to our commitment to diversity and inclusion at BASF ANZ, we proudly supported the Royal Australian Chemical Institute's Women in Chemistry inaugural SPRINT program.

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Automotive Coatings: Robust Clothing for your car

The paint color of a car is one of the three things that registers in the human mind when one sees a car, the other two being size and shape. This explains the variety of options when it comes to car color in the last two decades or more.

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BMW X1 -1.jpg

Colorful cars start from green

As one of the leading automotive coatings suppliers in the world, BASF is actively exploring eco-friendly automotive coatings, coating processes and solutions, helping car manufacturers tackle the severe challenges of balancing economic effectiveness and ecological efficiency.

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Sharpen - Untreated Control wildradish Pod and flowers 96 hrs (4).JPG

Cereals to get a sharpen up

Sharpen®, the most powerful and fast-acting Group G herbicide, has recieved registration for reduction of wild radish seed set and viability of weed seeds in wheat, barley and triticale from the early milky dough crop stage.

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Keep your walls clean and fresh for long!

Exterior wall-coatings deteriorate with time. One of the reasons for this is the cracks caused by substrate movement in the masonry work. It then becomes a challenge for paint manufacturers to formulate a dirt pick-up-resistant (DPUR) paint that is elastic enough to bridge surface cracks. BASF's dirt-resistant paint precisely helps you achieve this.

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Design freedom: next stop of innovation

The automotive instrument panel prototype co-developed by BASF and Yanfeng inspires new ideas in car design.

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Tamworth students.jpg

Students get hands on experience at our Tamworth Farm

Getting out of the classroom and into the field can be an invaluable experience for agriculture students, which is exactly what BASF provided recently when hosting a class of students from the University of New England at its research farm in Tamworth.

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VOC paints.jpg

New Walls. No Smell: Good looking walls that carry no smell

Normally, painting the home is a massive undertaking in most Indian households – the furniture is moved out of harm’s way, the painters are given a free rein and the family is getting ready to deal with the smell that comes with freshly painted walls.

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We plant trees for corporate volunteering

What better way to celebrate World Environment Day than to have some of our team out in the fresh air together to plant trees!

As a benefit to our staff and through our commitment to our community BASF Australia and New Zealand offers one corporate volunteering day each year, per person to use on a volunteering initiative of their choice.

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Welcome the SUN with SCREEN

Even though the Sun powers our lives, and is an essential component of our sustenance, a slight rise in temperature or increased glare can make life uncomfortable.

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Mouse eating grains.jpg

Nowhere to hide: New approach in animal production rodent control

With rodent populations in rural areas booming, animal producers are taking to herbicide action plans alongside traditional baiting in a strategic bid to prevent the risk of feed contamination and spread of disease while securing electrical assets and water systems.

Rural areas are the target of hordes of mice again this year with farmers being warned to plan preventative pest control to secure their yields and protect property.

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A sweet offer that protects your skin against premature ageing!

We all love sugar – in all its delicious forms but over-consuming it could cause your skin to age before time. Nonetheless there is a way to help keep our skin healthy.

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What does it take to revolutionise a safety helmet? Chemistry!

Martogg Group of Companies is Australia’s largest privately owned polymer distribution, resin compounding and plastics recycling company. Martogg worked with BASF to develop a plastic compound for a customer, Sureguard Safety Australia, seeking to produce a translucent safety helmet.  

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Scroll_BASF_Water_Cover Image.jpg

India's urban water crisis calls for an integrated approach

We need solutions that address different aspects of the water eco-system and involve the collective participation of citizens and other stake-holders.

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Another successful year for BASF Kids’ Lab

This year, Kids’ Lab events were held across Australia and New Zealand in partnership with Monash University in Melbourne, Curtin University in Perth, University of New South Wales in Sydney and University of Auckland in New Zealand.

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Modell neue Acetyleanlage / Model of new acetylene plant

Acetylene: cornerstone of a firm foundation

We process acetylene into many subsequent products at BASF.

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Swiping for Change with Clean Water

One of the fundamental necessities in life – water – is hard to come by for millions of Indians today. BASF and Waterlife, a social enterprise took the initiative to build water ATMs.

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city-traffic-from above.jpg

Performance materials: a magician changing the world

How does plastics arouse the passion in people? How can plastics change people's lives and begin an imaginative era?

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Giving new parents every ounce of support

There’s no question about it: returning to work after having a baby poses one of life’s biggest juggling acts for women. 

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Myer_Jennifer Hawkins_700.jpg

Pretty in pink

The iridescent salt lakes at BASF’s Hutt Lagoon facility were a natural choice for Myer’s Spring 2016 advertising campaign shoot.

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Polyamide-6 powder opens a new era in 3D Printing

BASF’s new polyamide-6 powder is a more economical, energy-saving and efficient solution for industrial design and product development.

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Our research farm turns one

It’s been one year since we opened the gates at our research farm in Tamworth, New South Wales. And what a cropping success it has been!

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Design Center.jpg

Design inspires innovation

Embracing designers from China and the Asia-Pacific region, the new BASF Design Center Asia Pacific narrows the distance between the material and design industries and enrich possibilities for material innovation. 

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Solution to help protect bees from Varroa mite approved for use in Australia

News emerging yesterday that a deadly ‘bee-killing parasite’, Varroa mite, has been found in a nest of Asian honey bees in far north Queensland, sparked concern among agriculture experts.

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NAO map EN.png

NAO: accelerating open innovation through successful science collaboration

To expand research and innovation in Asia Pacific, BASF is closely collaborating with the region’s top universities and institutes within the platform of the Network for Advanced Materials Open Research (NAO).

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Dr. Hans Reichert (Mitte), Leiter der Farbstoffforschung bei BAS

Flat screens show their true colors

Innovative pigments from BASF improve television image quality.

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David Hawkins

BASF Australia and New Zealand’s new leader takes centre court

Back in April, we announced the appointment of David Hawkins as the new Chairman and Managing Director for BASF Australia and New Zealand. And today, 1 July 2016, marks David’s first official day in the new role.

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Stay with the wind

Why can plastic utility poles stand firm and erect in strong typhoon? Besides plastic utility poles, where else can polyurethane composites be applied to?

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Tablets are more than just active ingredients

Every year the pharmaceutical industry produces more than 1.3 trillion tablets globally but there’s more to a tablet than just the active ingredients.

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Robustes Leichtgewicht / Light but robust

World’s lightweight future

From vehicles to rotor blades, from construction to home furnishing… the “lightweighting” trend promoted by the needs of energy efficiency and environment protection, is now everywhere in our life.

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Two Women, One Roof

This International Women’s Day, we sat down with female entrepreneur and winner of our Creator Space™ event, Sheree Rubinstein. Watch the interview to find out how she felt about winning the event, her advice to young entrepreneurs and what’s next for One Roof.  

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Small beads for long distances

New BASF foam InfinergyTM revolutionizes adidas running shoe.

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Tennis ball.jpg

Chemistry on the court

The tennis season is officially upon us. But as thousands of fans flock to see their favourites battle it out for the top spot in Australian Open, it got us thinking about the chemistry that goes on behind the scenes to make the game possible.

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BASF focuses on â  Water Educationâ   amongst student community

Ultrafiltration for clearer water

Multibore® membranes from the BASF subsidiary inge® improve water treatment.

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Five spooky facts about food waste that will frighten you

Halloween pumpkin sales are on the way up in Australia but before you bin that perfectly good pumpkin, consider these scary facts about food wastage.

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