Plantasil® LA – Patented Technology for Smart Emulsion in Rinse-off

For oil thickening and high internal phase emulsion


A “feel good” technology revolution in clean beauty

Technology has the power to create a better and gentler life. When it comes to cosmetics, consumers believe that technology and science backed products ensure benefits. Additionally, higher concentration is interpreted as better efficacy. In parallel, the growing trend of ‘clean beauty’ reflects the consumers’ expectation of higher transparency, simplicity and gentleness in products, resulting in the use of fewer ingredients, while providing better performance. Moreover, consumers are also seeking to enhance their mood with products. Emotional care is becoming part of the wellness beauty trend, which links to the sensorial experiences of products, stimulated by novel textures. 

The question is: Is there a “feel good” technology that can achieve efficacy, simplicity, and gentleness? 

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Plantasil® LA, a patented technology, which goes beyond traditional guidelines

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Diamond like crystal clear appearance, with transformative touch

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Unique sensory makes it easily stand out

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High oil loaded gel allows effective, long-lasting heavy make-up removal

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Milder Plantasil® LA, preservative-free

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Simplicity, purity, texture and efficacy novelty allow pleasant and comfortable spa-like feel during use, leaving skin breathable

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