T.G.I.F: Teeth and Gum Indulging in Fun!


Pamper your teeth and gums with self-fizzing tablets and in-pocket teeth cleaning wipes.

What does traveling light, being plastic-free, enjoying wine and indulging in matt lipsticks have to do with oral care?

Data from the United Nation of World Tourism Organization shows that travel & tourism and related spends in Asia Pacific has increased sizably. In 2018, Asia Pacific recorded 343 million international tourist arrivals, an increase of 6% over 2017. People are traveling to different cities, countries and continents much more than before. Leisure/recreation/holidays form 53% of travel, visiting friends, relatives, health and religion form 27%, business and professional travel forms 13% and another 7% fall under non-specified travel. In all categories of travel, data again shows that there is an increasing need for packing light and carrying water-less, portable and easy to use products. 


Oral hygiene forms one of the key and basic necessities that people carry during travel. The traditional toothpaste and mouthwashes are in semisolid or liquid forms and inconvenient to carry. One time use packs add to plastic waste generation and waste of product too. Additionally, consumers are looking for oral care products that are milder on gums and teeth, without alcohol content. They prefer health benefits rather than just cleansing.

For city people who are always on the move and dine out regularly, for people who smoke and want to smell fresh in office and for meetings and for the travelling population, easy-to-carry, quick-to-use products which can meet unmet requirements of current conventional toothpaste and mouthwash is an increasing need.

Fizzy Tooth-Clean Tablet Make Easy Fizzy!

It doesn’t matter whether you are on a plane flying long hours, travelling in a car for a road trip, or bringing a small suit case for a business trip, with BASF’s prototype ‘Fizzy Tooth-Clean Tablet – self-fizzing tablets’, you can brush your teeth and clean your gums without bringing along a tube of toothpaste or a bottle of mouthwash. You will also be contributing to a plastic-less trend, by consuming less packaging, while using one-time use toothpastes or mouthwashes. 


Self-fizzing tablets


In a 3rd party consumer test conducted in Shanghai, for Fizzy Tooth-Clean Tablet Make Easy Fizzy!,

  • 87% participants rated that it is easy to dissolve in the mouth 
  • Participants said that the fizzy feeling is related to foam speed, foam amount, followed by foam taste
  • Participants concluded that the easy to rinse-off foam has significantly better performance than traditional toothpaste  
  • +70% participants welcomed BASF prototype as strength of product in taste and aftertaste was just about right
  • ~85% participants claim they may purchase because it is easy to carry & easy to use
  • 48% participants think that the prototype is milder than traditional toothpaste

Top 4 correlation with product mildness

Top 4 answers to what mildness means to you

Product taste

Comfortable feeling

Product aftertaste

Cool feeling

Easy to rinse off foam


Fizzy feeling

Non-numbing & non-spicy

Key Ingredients:

Luviskol® K 30 Powder

Pluracare®  F 127 NF Prill

Too Cool For Stain!

Pocket-sized teeth cleaning wipes

Is there a way to enjoy your wine, indulge in chocolaty cookies and flaunt your favourite matt lipsticks, all without the fear of staining your teeth? BASF’s too cool for stain, mild teeth cleansing wipes are small and light enough for you to take wherever you go, or whenever you travel, for instant stain relief. 


Key Ingredients:

Pluracare® F 108 NF Prill

Eumugin® CO 40

Plantacare® 1200 UP

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