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Supply Chain

Our supply chain is becoming more effective and efficient thanks to digital technologies. We achieve this by creating an integrated supply chain with our customers, suppliers and partners and exchanging data with them, thereby increasing the transparency of the entire supply chain.

A new, mobile and teleoperated tank concept is currently being implemented at the Ludwigshafen site. It includes an automated tank container terminal, the world’s largest patented tank containers as well as an autonomous and teleoperated vehicle. Together they will supply production plants faster and at lower costs. It will soon only take one hour from order to delivery instead of 24 hours.

Find more information can be found here (only available in German).

We are integrating our internal supply chains with the supply chains of our partners. Using a digital platform, we can connect and collaborate with our customers and suppliers to increase reliability and reduce cost throughout the entire supply chain.

Digital technologies are providing opportunities to better support our customers with proactive location and delivery information. They also give us better insight into the performance of our supply chain. Our digital platform merges global transportation data and combines it with relevant weather data and news feeds from traditional sources as well as social media. This much more comprehensive picture enables our logistics and customer service teams to collaborate on events impacting our supply chain, resulting in more timely and accurate information for our customers.