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With the belief that students today can become innovators and leaders of tomorrow, BASF, the leading chemical company, established Kids' Lab in Germany in 1997 with the aim to nurture children's interest in chemistry; and to help young generation recognize how chemistry around us can help protect the environment and create a sustainable future.

The BASF Kids' Lab program is an interactive, fun and free chemistry education program designed for kids aged 6 to 12 years to discover the world of chemistry through simple and safe experiments.

This program has been brought to more than 30 countries across the globe. And in 2005, BASF introduced the Kids' Lab program to Hong Kong where its Asia Pacific headquarters is located.

BASF Kids’ Lab 2019 @ HK SciFest

Our 2019 program has just concluded at the Hong Kong Science Museum. Thanks again for all your support! You can now access to the photos of the event through the following links. You are also welcome to share these wonderful moments on social media with your friends and families. See you all next time!



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Virtual Kids' Lab

You cannot wait until the next Kids’ Lab event takes place? Explore our Virtual Lab in the meantime!

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Experiment Challenge

An open challenge for all Hong Kong secondary school students: come designing a chemistry experiemnt for BASF Kids' Lab!

BASF Kids' Lab Event Highlights - 2018

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