Creating chemistry for a sustainable future: That is how we have summarized BASF’s contribution in our corporate purpose. BASF makes products that create value for our customers and the environment

With the paint and coatings market responding to increasing public expectations for environmentally compatible and health-friendly products, the architectural coatings industry is at a turning point: the future belongs to companies that go beyond merely meeting standards and create paints and coatings that combine outstanding performance with sustainable properties. Reaching an ideal balance can be a complex challenge.

Biomass balance approach (Acronal® MB range)

BASF’s biomass balance approach contributes to the use of renewable raw materials in BASF’s integrated production system and can be applied to the majority of BASF’s product portfolio.

Biomass video image.png

Bio-based dispersions

BASF’s Acronal® ECO 7074 is one of the bio-based dispersions, that contains up to 30% bio-based content, reducing the reliance on fossil fuel raw materials in our formulation by replacing it partially with renewable content. 

Biobased binder Acronal ECO 7074.png
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