Paper Coatings

Revolutionary High Strength Binder.
An Innovative Coating Solution for Paper and Board Manufacturers

The coated paper and board (P&B) manufacturers are facing huge challenges to off-load their products into the market due to highly competitive market environment. In addition to this, the market requirement has not softened but in fact even more emphasis given towards sustainability and quality of the coated grades. BASF has committed towards these key industry challenges through continuous stream of R&D innovations to offer step-forward technology that can provide a competitive advantage to P&B Industry.

The outcome, Styronal® PLUS 7918 – a revolutionary high strength binder which offers an innovative coating solution to paper and board manufacturers.

In coating formulation for paper & board, binder is the most expensive ingredient. Binder plays a crucial role in P&B coating formulation, perfect combination of performance and price, delivers superior technical and substantial commercial impact.  Styronal® PLUS 7918 is deemed to deliver this above the current industry standard.

The revolutionary Styronal® PLUS 7918.jpg

The revolutionary Styronal® PLUS 7918 delivers significant improvement in binder strength without compromising other coated properties. This will enable customer to use 10-20% less binder consumption. In commercial terms, this means a cost saving of up to 20% of total spending on binders for the customers.

Rheological properties play a vital role on the application of the coating recipe onto the P&B. Styronal® PLUS 7918 exhibits its superiority in attaining this key performance. It provides better high shear viscosity and excellent static and dynamic water retention which is essential for a smooth coating process.

Superior Rheological Property.jpg

High performance viscometer and dynamic water retention tester are the key laboratory industry standard in determining the rheological performance. Here, the revolutionary Styronal® PLUS 7918 has demonstrated its ability to delivery low high shear viscosity and remarkable dynamic water retention values.

With the latest innovative technology from our R&D and the optimized monomer feeding strategy, Styronal® PLUS 7918 imparts excellent technical value proposition and substantial commercial advantages.

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In addition to lower binder consumption saving and superiority in rheological performances, the revolutionary Styronal® PLUS 7918 also delivers outstanding printability and convertibility properties. These key performances are the backbone to the value proposition for customers to address the industry challenges.

BASF also strongly commits to sustainability and incorporated it into all future innovative R&D development. As such, the revolutionary Styronal® PLUS 7918 reduces binder consumption and contributes to sustainable future.  


Styronal® PLUS 7918 brings to customers:

√    Superior runnability & rheological performance

√    Significant Binding Strength improvement

√    Up to 20% reduction of binder consumption

√    Significant total cost reduction