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Funding the fight

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Over the last decade, external funding commitments towards malaria control have increased over fifteenfold. But will these financial resources be sufficient to reach the UN’s Millennium Development Goal of halting and beginning to reverse the incidence of malaria by 2015?

Most of the funding for the war on malaria is supplied via three organizations: the Global Fund, the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) and World Health Organisation (WHO), with the rest provided by around 18 countries and several agencies as bilateral funding. According to the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) partnership, there is a direct correlation between funding and intervention coverage – in other words, the funding works. Yet while funding levels appear to have peaked at $1.6 billion a year, this is still just 25% of the estimated $5 billion to $6 billion a year needed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals for malaria.

Source: RBM’s report Malaria Funding and Resource Utilization: The First Decade of Roll Back Malaria.

Organizations involved in the financing of the fight against malaria (2003-2009)

How the support is used in Africa

Annual funding commitments for the fight against malaria (2003-2009)

Diagram of annual funding commitments for the fight against malaria 2003-2009