Headquarters of the Coatings Divsion

Münster is the home of the world's largest integrated paint manufacturing site. It is the headquarter of BASF's Coatings division.

Our Portfolio

We develop, produce and market innovative automotive OEM, automotive refinish coatings and decorative paints as well as applied surface treatments for metal, plastic and glass substrates in a wide range of industries worldwide. The portfolio is completed by the “Innovation beyond paint” program, which endeavors to develop new markets and business models. In everything we do, we keep our customers' individual success and sustainable use of resources in mind. We create cutting-edge solutions and promote innovation, design and new application options to meet the needs of our partners worldwide. Our customers benefit from our expertise and the resources of interdisciplinary, global teams working in Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific.


BASF_KV_Allgemein_161031_B_large.jpg Fahrzeugserienlacke Autoreparaturlacke Bautenanstrichmittel Oberflaechentechnik

Global Presence

With over 70 locations, we are where our customers are.