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Biology opens up perspectives


Embark on research as a biologist in the world's leading chemical company.

Committed and competent biologists always have perspectives at BASF. Future-oriented technologies such as plant biotechnology, biocatalysis or new processes to efficiently use resources and energy generate a variety of highly interesting projects. Together with colleagues from other departments and important cooperation partners, you will work on scientific questions and their realization into marketable products. This process goes hand-in-hand with your own initiative and responsibility – because only so can we develop the innovations of the future together.

As a biology student you have the opportunity to learn about our research areas and our company in an internship or with a practically-oriented final thesis. You will gain initial practical experience in an internationally active company, make important contacts and after your internship will know a lot more about the market leader BASF and the numerous facets of our research. Apply to one of our internship postings or send us your speculative application.

You are a biology student focusing for example on molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, toxicology, plant biology or bioinformation technology, but have not yet completed your studies. You are open to everything that's new and enjoy scientific and technical questions which you approach with purpose and solve with your own creative ideas. With us you will work in an interdisciplinary team with the support of an experienced colleague. You should be able to communicate in English and can spend three to six months with us, working on a current project alongside our experts.

An internship is possible within one of our global research divisions.

In Bioscience Research we seek new ways of increasing agricultural productivity and meeting the need for healthy food using biotechnological methods, as well as research in new crop protection products, making sure our solutions meet the highest standards in human and environmental safety. Here there are also exciting possibilities in the areas of industrial biotechnology, (eco-)toxicology and bio-informatics.

In the Crop Protection division, biologists from different disciplines work both on scientific projects relating to crop protection and on product registration.

During your internship you will work on a specific research project with a high level of responsibility. For example:

  • experiments in greenhouses, field experiments, mode of action, high-throughput screening
  • determination of toxicological and eco-toxicological characteristics of new substances
  • development of new methods in toxicology
  • biotechnological processes to produce fine chemicals and biomolecules
  • in plant biotechnology and metabolite analysis

We offer you numerous opportunities to enrich your learned scientific understanding with practical industrial experience. By completing an internship you will gain an insight into how a company working on a global scale operates. You will learn from experts and can lay the foundations for your professional future by creating your own network with our research community.