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Secure your future with the world's largest chemical company.

Working as an engineer means working on countless cutting-edge technologies, in areas such as automation technology, control technology, wireless technology, RFID technology, and measurement technology, as well as applying IT systems for production. Discover this world and broaden your horizons with a hands-on approach to your degree course.

You can profit from the diverse range of tasks in practical situations for example from field bus technology, process control technology, asset management, vertical and horizontal integration, manufacturing execution systems. Your tasks will involve the planning, analysis, design, development and validation of an application - obviously with the support of our experienced supervisors.

BASF offers attractive topics for internships and theses. Learn about cutting-edge technologies and their practical application within our company. Find out how you can apply what you have learned at university on a practical level. Profit from the diverse fields of automation and control technology and see for yourself how IT can support advancements in production processes.

As part of your thesis or internship, you will work on a challenging topic taken from a practical, industrial situation. You will be assisted by experienced staff that are on hand to provide support and advice and will integrate you into the team.

You are currently studying for a technical/science degree in physics, electrical engineering, process/control engineering, technical IT or (technological) mathematics and want to transfer your knowledge, reflected in your above-average grades, to practical situations.

We expect an analytical understanding, a creative approach to problem solving and a high level of commitment. Besides excellent German and English communication skills, you can also work well independently.

We look forward to receiving your convincing application documents including a current copy of your certificate of enrollment. Anyone who has completed the first third of their study course or has other equivalent studies can apply.

In the technical centers for automation and electrical engineering, we can offer you technological know-how and expertise as well as competitive services along the entire process and system cycle.

You could be specializing in weighing, filling and packaging technology, process analysis technology, PCE field devices, and automation, electrical, communications or conveyor technology.

These fields of technology constantly open up areas of research suitable as subjects for theses.

Our internships do not involve you just watching what we do; you will be assigned with a specific task for you to integrate your skills and creativity into the team. We take into account the particular requirements of your university's examination and internship regulations.

Specialists in automation engineering, control engineering or IT solutions are responsible for the following tasks depending on their particular field:

  • projects to optimize operations
  • development and implementation of future technology solutions
  • projects in production-related communications technology
  • automation of logistics using RFID technology and automated data recording and processing

As part of the internship, BASF offers a wide range of other information events, get-togethers for networking, and other activities.

Take the opportunity to make valuable contacts that will offer you the chance to take part in other internships or write your thesis during the rest of your course.

BASF also offers a diverse range of other opportunities for your growth - simply get in contact with us!