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Physics means teamwork

Frau Detzel und Herr Grote Labor, V005

Conduct research with us in interdisciplinary teams.

As a physicist at BASF you will work on projects which inspire every researcher. You will be part of an interdisciplinary team composed of chemists, materials scientists and other natural scientists, working for example on organic light emitting diodes, nano-particles, catalysts, pigments or construction chemicals.

Your expertise is in demand: as a specialist in a certain method or working area you will contribute significantly to driving our research projects forward. We invite you to become excited about our broad know-how of scientific investigative methods.

In addition, the framework conditions at BASF are excellent: the interdisciplinary, global collaboration opens up fascinating areas of work and a large investment in innovation projects, together with numerous cooperative partnerships with leading universities and industrial partners also create new opportunities.

If you are a physics student BASF gives you the opportunity to learn more about our research during an internship or a final thesis. This will give you a first practical experience in a leading global company and you will gain fascinating insights into different research departments.

After your internship you will certainly know a great deal more about BASF – and will perhaps have already made more specific plans for your professional future.

Please apply to one of our internship postings or send us your unsolicited application – we are looking forward to meeting you!

You have not yet finished your university studies as a physics student. You have gained knowledge on one or more measurement techniques (for example spectroscopic, microscopic, diffractive, mechanical, rheological or colloid physical), in molecular modeling, in scientific computing or in materials research with a focus on polymers.

You approach scientific and technical questions with purpose and solve them with your own creative ideas. You enjoy working in an interdisciplinary team and are also accustomed to communicate in English.

Spend 3 to 6 months with us and conduct research on a current topic together with our experts.

An internship at BASF is possible in one of these global research areas.

Advanced Materials & Systems Research, Process Research & Chemical Engineering or Bioscience Research.

Due to your expertise in physics, your abilities are in demand, particularly in measurement technology and in the area of polymers, but also in scientific computing and molecular modeling.

The topics offered for internships, Bachelor's or Master's theses are naturally as diverse as our own areas of research.

During your internship you will be contributing to a specific research project with your own responsibilities, such as:

  • the use and development of physical measuring methods in analytics
  • structural elucidation of materials and the development of new materials based on structure-property relationships

There are many more exciting topics within the area of research and development at BASF.

Your introductory training will be "on the job" in a committed, competent team, under the guidance of an experienced employee.

BASF offers you many opportunities to complement your scientific background with practical experiences. By completing an internship you will gain an insight into a globally operating company. 

You will learn from experts in your field and lay the foundations for your professional future by creating your own network within our interdisciplinary research community. Our researchers are happy to offer you a glimpse into their world and answer your questions.