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SLENTITE® – the high-performance insulating material for customized climate management

With its combination of properties, SLENTITE eclipses all existing insulating materials. The new product with its lambda value of < 17 mW/m x K achieves the best insulation performance for a ready-to-use panel. Today’s standard insulating materials range from 21 to 40 mW/m x K. SLENTITE is therefore extremely space-saving as well. Compared to conventional products, insulation 25 to 50 percent slimmer is now possible.

SLENTITE is a unique high-performance product in the insulating material sector that is due for launch in just a few years.

1. Excellent moisture regulation

SLENTITE combines a special chemical formula with an open-porous structure. This combination ensures good moisture regulation in the home. This has a positive impact on the room climate and the building structure. SLENTITE can be used in different areas of the construction sector – in new buildings as well as in modernized ones. In addition, this high-performance insulating material will also help to reduce energy consumption in the refrigeration sector, e.g. in refrigerators.

2. Strong, heavy-duty panel

SLENTITE is an organic aerogel in the form of a mechanically strong panel. This makes it a hands-on aerogel. With a compressive strength of > 300 kPa, it performs twice as well as today’s PU insulation panels. The panel can be handled dust-free and, like conventional construction products, is easy to work. Sawing, milling, drilling and bonding are no problem.

Thanks to its open-porous structure and high compressive strength, SLENTITE is ideal as the core material of vacuum insulation panels (VIPs). A further reduction in their thermal conductivity by at least a factor of 3 is therefore possible. Used in VIPs and installed in refrigerators, it creates more space in the interior.

3. Customized climate management

More than just insulation, SLENTITE is an optimal package of all the key properties of an insulating material for new and modernized buildings: a heavy-duty panel with low thermal conductivity coupled with an open-porous structure.

Now within reach is customized climate management that meets the overriding need of house owners and tenants for a pleasant, feel-good room climate, whatever the climatic region.

4. Design freedom

The choice of a suitable insulating material is often dictated by aesthetic criteria. Thanks to its minimal space requirements, SLENTITE offers a broad spectrum of design potential – for new and modernized buildings, and with outstanding insulating properties. In addition, its excellent processing characteristics ensure that even complex design ideas can be realized. Aesthetics and insulation are no longer mutually exclusive – exciting prospects for architects and engineers alike.

BASF research has accompanied the development of the new high-performance insulation product into the pilot phase. The first sample quantities from the new pilot plant at the Lemförde location are available as of mid-2015. SLENTITE from BASF offers customized climate management that adapts to the user’s specific needs. BASF is thus also helping to conserve resources and shrink the carbon footprint.

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