Plastics & Rubber

Smart pallets for cost-effective supply chains

BASF is collaborating with the Dutch start-up company Ahrma Holding B.V., whose aim is to launch a completely new pallet concept on the logistics market. For the purpose of coating the extremely robust hybrid pallets made from medium-thickness fiberboard (MDF) and plastic, the formulation of BASF’s Elastocoat® C spray system was developed further. The result is that the PU coating improves the resistance and durability of these pallets and it can now be sprayed on directly in continuous, automated spraying units. There is no need for any further primer coat. The MDF pallets sealed with Elastocoat® C are not just more stable and around 25 percent lighter than traditional pallets, but also boast an innovative, comprehensive track and trace system. Ahrma presents these functionalities during K fair at the BASF booth.

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