Plastics & Rubber

Expansion of the Elastollan® portfolio for food contact (FC) applications

Plastics which can come into contact with food have to meet the very highest safety and quality standards. In January 2016, BASF began offering a special Elastollan® portfolio, which is produced using the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) system of quality assurance. It comprises numerous ether- and ester-based grades, which now carry the add-on “FC” in the nomenclature. These grades can be used in a wide range of injection-molding and extrusion applications – from conveyor belts, films and fabrics through to hoses.

To further enhance our offer, BASF responded to customer requests and expanded its FC portfolio. Two new polyester-based grades were added, which are particularly suitable for film applications: Elastollan® 685 A 10 FC and 892 A 11 FC. Six Elastollan® FC concentrates were also introduced. They can be used as forming and processing additives, additives for UV stabilization or coloring the basis polymer. Two new polyether-based grades Elastollan® 1180 A 10 FC 001 and 1164 D 11 FC were also added to round out the portfolio.

Find out more about the Elastollan® food contact portfolio at K fair 2016!