Plastics & Rubber

Plastics for automotive E&E applications

Plastics used in electrical applications have to show excellent electrical performance, good mechanical properties as well as high dimensional stability under heat. In automotive applications, extremely high requirements such as resistance to media and weathering as well as heat ageing resistance have to be fulfilled - for all these demands there is the right plastic. BASF plastics help to suit processing technologies and manufacturing processes to mass production and keep them cost-efficient. And that components and assemblies can reliably meet the high quality standards of the automobile manufacturers.

BASF will demonstrate this competence in technical plastics (Ultramid®, Ultradur®, Ultrason®) and polyurethanes (Elastollan® and Cellasto®) at K 2016 – with more than 30 different plastics application in automotive E&E in one display. Visitors can see cables and high-voltage plug-in connectors for electric vehicles, laser markable grades and highly specialized materials such as Ultramid® EQ for electronic assemblies in modern transmission control units or safety-related applications such as airbag and anti-lock systems.

Find out more about plastics for automotive E&E applications at our booth at K 2016!