Plastics & Rubber

Novel plastics stabilization for artificial turfs: Tinuvin® XT 55

BASF introduces Tinuvin® XT 55, its latest generation of HALS for the film, fibers and tapes industry. Its primary application is polyethylene monofilaments and tapes. Tinuvin® XT 55 is a high-performance light stabilizer that has very low contribution to water carryover enabling the production line to run without disruptions.

Tinuvin® XT 55 also provides formulators with superior durability and excellent secondary properties such as color stability, gas fading and extraction resistance. In addition, excellent cost performance can be achieved with this new solution by adjusting dosage and other formulation components. Other applications can be considered, in particular, polyolefin monofilaments and tapes for shade nets, scaffolding, geo-textiles and big bags such as flexible intermediate bulk containers.

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