Plastics & Rubber

Elastoflex® W – New way of cushioning

Elastoflex® W are a flexible polyurethane systems, which allows developing ergonomically designed seats and back rests in different rigidities. It leads to outstanding properties in terms of continued use and sitting comfort. The good flowability of Elastoflex® W systems provides manufacturer of molded parts with enormous freedom of design. In addition, it can be foamed around metal or wooden inserts and inserted lining fabric can be foamed directly.

  • Molded density from
    35 kg/m3 to 55 kg/m3 for upholstered furniture
    from 45 kg/m3 to 65 kg/m3 for office furniture
  • High elasticity
  • Good flowability for the production of complex geometries
  • Freedom of design
  • Excellent long-term characteristics
  • Open-celled
  • Pleasant feel
  • Low emission systems according to e.g. Ökotex standards are available
  • Flame retardant alternatives according to British BS5852 Crib5 are available