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Ultramid® Structure LFX – for metal fans

Ultramid® Structure are high-performance polyamides with long-glass fiber reinforcement. Their specific range of properties opens up new possibilities when it comes to metal replacement. The Ultramid® Structure Grades form a 3D fiber network in the part, which is a substantial feature making it different from the short-glass fiber reinforced polyamides.

This makes it possible to produce parts which, as displaying very high stiffness, also have an extremely high level of toughness and which previously had to be produced from metal.

  • Good mechanical properties at high temperature
  • High stiffness and strength
  • High notched impact strength
  • Very low creep tendency
  • Reduced shrinkage and warpage
  • Enhanced fatigue strength
  • High energy absorption
  • Lower level of wear during processing and in the part (e.g. gear wheels)
  • More isotropic material behavior