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Ultramid® Advanced N – broad portfolio for specific requirements

BASF is launching Ultramid® Advanced N as a portfolio consisting of different grades to meet customers’ specific requirements. The BASF R&D team is dedicated to continuously developing this portfolio with further customized compounds to extend and improve the products’ fit and performance.

The initial portfolio consists of the following compounds:

  • unreinforced: a very tough material with high wear and abrasion resistance
  • various glass-fiber reinforced grades comprising several combinations of heat stabilization and colors as well as with high flowability or extra toughness
  • compounds of highest stiffness for outstanding mechanical performance, reinforced either with long glass fibers or carbon fibers
  • several other special grades: e.g. a UL 94-V0 flame-retardant grade, a mineral-reinforced compound of lowest warpage and high reflectivity

All grades are especially suitable for processing by injection molding.