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When Shampoos love Subzero waste

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We live in a world where the everyday consumer is well aware of and very interested in what they consume and how they consume it. Environment protection and sustainability are now mainstream discussions, as more people care about the effects of their consumption patterns on the planet. Consumers across the globe are adopting Cleaner, Safer, and Sustainable Products faster than before. In turn, brands as well are becoming more conscious about the effects of their products’ lifecycle on the environment, in order to increase their standing with consumers.  

Conversation about plastics is rising across the world. Not only are people talking about the problems plastics cause, but they’re googling the topic more than before, too. This shows a clear rise in interest and awareness. 

Source: Brandwatch, Google Trends

Thanks to this rising trend of ‘conscious consumerism’, which is making consumers move from “I consume green” to “I contribute to clean”, the beauty industry is also adapting to the Sub-Zero Waste movement quite rapidly. One key area of focus in this trend is reduction of plastic in packaging and one-time use plastics.


A category of personal care products which use plastic packaging extensively, due to the nature of its composition, are shampoos. As per a recent study, millions of empty bottles of shampoo are thrown out each year, around the world. Responsible beauty, which is driving consumers across the world, is pushing brands to innovate and focus on products with better selling points: convenience and less-waste. A replacement to traditional shampoos is now coming into the Hair Care market, with various brands exploring a new range of biodegradable shampoos and concepts. The shampoo bar: an innovation that answers well to the “plastic-free”, “sub-zero waste”, “natural” as well as “portable” or “ready to go” trends.


BASF’s I Care Shampoo Bar concept, with its 6 variants is the answer to some of the major sustainability challenges that the Hair Care industry faces today. 


These Shampoo Bars were tested against a market benchmark on the following parameters and have come out with positive results in each category. Please click below to know more about the results.

Benchmark VS Freshness Goddess HB-CN-19-IG042501


Better wet combing than benchmark with comparable dry combing


I CARE bar contributes to more “finger through” hair feel


Being Aware of What You Are Using
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate contributes to the Mildness property


longer usage


Apart from the above parameters, we also tested the I Care Shampoo Bars for its biodegradability and ease of carrying. 



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