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Environment and safety

We provide information about operations incidents  quickly, transparently and comprehensively. For this purpose there are a number of experts in the company available at very short notice.

Important Phone Numbers

Public hotline

In order to provide information quickly, transparently and comprehensively in the event of an incident, BASF has set up a public telephone service. Information is provided via a recorded message or directly and personally.

Environmental Monitoring Center

BASF’s Environmental Monitoring Center is the point of contact for any kinds of environmental problems around the clock, for both employees and residents.


Flares at the Ludwigshafen Site

Flares are just as much a part of the Ludwigshafen site’s image as columns or pipe racks. Many of them are hardly visible but some attract a great deal of attention when they go into operation. In the North section of the site, the steamcracker’s elevated flare is especially striking with its 140 meters. As soon as they go into operation, also the flares of the acetylene plant and the aromatics plant on Friesenheimer Insel can be seen from far away.

Environmental Monitoring Center

The most important measurement values relating to the atmosphere, water and noise levels are brought together in the environmental monitoring center, the contact for environmental issues of all kinds round the clock, for employees and residents.
Im Werksteil Friesenheimer Insel des BASF-Verbundstandorts Ludwigshafen stehen 50 Tanks, die die Produktionsanlagen mit Einsatzstoffen versorgen. Die Tanks haben zusammen etwa ein Fassungsvermögen von 350 Millionen Litern an Petrochemikalien wie Butan, Benzol und Naphtha. 

The Friesenheim Island section of BASF’s Verbund site in Ludwigshafen is home to 50 tanks that supply the production facilities with feedstocks. The tanks have a combined total capacity of around 350 million liters of petrochemicals such as butane, benzene and naphtha.


BASF and the neighboring cities of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen also inform residents in the event of major incidents via the free smartphone app KATWARN.

Fire Department

Around 180 full-time fire fighters trained in dealing with dangerous situations at chemical facilities work together on hazard prevention and damage limitation at the site.

Landfill Sites

Information about landfill sites operated by BASF’s Ludwigshafen site both today and in the past (German only).